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1979-1995 Mustang GT

  1. Can I use a 1976 mustang water pump in my 1979 mustang?
  2. Ok... another question.?
  3. Can I build a high performance 302 with an old block from 1983?
  4. Rebuild kit
  5. I want to put a v8 in my 1981 mustang but i have a 1000 dollar budget?
  6. Dart Iron Eagle heads
  7. 1989 Mustang 5.0 Clutch peddle wont push down,?
  8. Would it be a bad idea to drive an untuned 347 1989 mustang gt for like an hour in a half or at all?
  9. Gonna sell the 5.0
  10. 2 questions on brakes.
  11. How dpo u get more horse power?
  12. I have a 1983 mustang 5.0 hatchback.?
  13. Will a 1985 Mustang door fit my 1979 Mustang?
  14. How do I make a 1981 mustang look beautiful for cheap?
  15. Mustang gt carbriator to fuel injection?
  16. How do you get the ignition switch out of a 1990 mustang without the key?
  17. What would be the best ford tranny for a 302 on the drag strip?
  18. Whats faster, hyundai tiburon or mustang?
  19. Mustang clutch is very hard to change gears???????PLEASE HELP!?
  20. Mustang Guage Cluster illumination.........?
  21. How can I tell if my 1984 mustang is a GT?
  22. New mustang
  23. 1984 mustang buzzer help?
  24. Should i buy a 1981 camaro or a 1984 mustang?
  25. Will a 1978 mustang door fit a 1979 mustang?
  26. I have 1992 Mustang Gt. I am thinking about selling it. what used car would you recommend for me?
  27. 1984 mustang GT350 how to find out the worth of car?
  28. 1992 Mustang hatchback (with shelby engine) vs 2000 Pontiac Trans Am?
  29. Oil in my air intake
  30. What size are the starter bolts on my 1983 mustang gt?
  31. Audio System for my Car?
  32. Selling a 1979 Mustang Cobra?
  33. Any one interested in a 1989 mustang gt?
  34. 1988 mustang shuts off?
  35. I have a 1984 mustang lx v6 with wireing prob will putting a new hornes fix it help please?
  36. chip
  37. How do i know if my motor is HO or not?
  38. 79-93 Mustang Ignition Problem?
  39. Where can i find a belt tensioner for a 84' mustang?
  40. Is the 1990 mustang posi or anti slip?
  41. 94 mustang gt rear seat.
  42. 1984 mustang vin numbers?
  43. What differential do I put on my 92 mustang so I dont have the one wheel burn out?
  44. Which of these cars are cheap on insurance and also reliable?
  45. New to muscle cars, i just got a 1984 mustang gt?
  46. Im looking for a car with the same style "hatchback" as a 1986 mustang plz help!?
  47. How big is a gas tank on a 1993 mustang gt?
  48. What do you think would win in a race, more detailed question.?
  49. 1986 mustang 5.0 mass air conversion?
  50. I have a 1991 mustang convertible with a eighty's top what top to buy? ?
  51. 5.0 1990 mustang I hear a motor running after car is shut off and battery dies why?
  52. I have a 1987 mustang gt and why dos it keep dieing after it been started for 30 mins?
  53. 1995 MUSTANG/CLUTCH????????HELP?
  54. Why do the fuel pumps I put in my 1993 Mustang keep dying?
  55. What motor comes stock in 1985 mustang conv.?
  56. Spark plug gap on 347 stroker with gt40x heads?
  57. Value of a 1990 mustang gt 5.0?
  58. What cars can fit a 5.0L engine without "much" modifications?
  59. Stock gear ratio
  60. Where can i buy a 1991 mustang front bra to cover the bumper?
  61. How is the best way to price a car?
  62. Dss or Chp?
  63. 93 auto gear choice
  64. Should i run fuel with ethanol or fuel without ethanol.?
  65. How will an incorrect aspect ratio tire affect my car?
  66. Poles on batter got hooked up wrong. What do I have to fix to make it run again?
  67. 1982 ford mustang gt just put together?
  68. What car was faster in the quarter mile, 1986 mustang GT, Or a 1987 Pontiac?
  69. I want to track down my dads old mustang he had while he was in highschool?
  70. How much can you get for a 1982 Mustang?