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General Car Discussion

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  1. Cruise control
  2. Fords New Police Cruiser
  3. Ugh grease gun ?
  4. More Problems for Toyota?
  5. New Ford
  6. Showdown: Mustang or Camaro?
  7. 1999-2002.... firebird, camaro or mustang?? Looking to buy sporty and power, which is better?
  8. Would this be considered buying or adopting?
  9. How can you find a car's history through a VIN number if the car doesn't belong to you?
  10. WHlCH CAR???
  11. Need help choosing first car $4-5k limit?
  12. Should I buy or lease car?
  13. Y do ppl like american cars better than japeneses cars...?
  14. Does a Ford Dealer have a dyno testing?
  15. Is there a ford Mustang that is 2000 years or younger and comes in a hatchback?
  16. The guy turned in his Car Title and I want to buy his car. How do I get a new Title for the car?
  17. Life versus Death with Horses?
  18. What was your Favorite James Bond Car?
  19. 89 crown victoria heads + cams swap?
  20. Shouldn't LT1 Camaro be alot faster than Foxbody Mustangs?
  21. Is a Ford Mustang a good car?
  22. cleaning heads
  23. What would they be charged with?..(Canada)?
  24. Ford better than chevy?
  25. 2002 corvette 2003 cobra or evo?
  26. Do I need pink slips to sell a used vehicle?
  27. Ford Mustang or Toyota Camry Solara SLE?
  28. Hwllo
  29. Saturn Engine swap??
  30. Do you think a girl will dig a guy in a 1967 through 1974 muscle car or a 2007 Ford mustang?
  31. Will CarMax buy a modified car?
  32. Which car would you rather buy?
  33. Who would win this race?
  34. 07 sti vs 08 mustang gt?
  35. Will 1994-95 mustang 302 Alt/AC,PS Pump brackets bolt to a 1988 302 lincoln mark VII engine?
  36. Which of these cars would win?
  37. Jeep cherokee fuel injector upgrades?
  38. Sooo Confused about registering my car?
  39. When is a car exempt from Emissions testing?
  40. Car with no door handles ?
  41. Why did Camaro and Trans Ams sales slip, compared to the Mustang?
  42. Does anybody have a sports car for sale?
  43. Adding more money to a loan?
  44. What car is entirely made in the USA? From start to finish?
  45. Ford Focus CONVERTIBLE - available in Europe but not here in the USA. Why not?!?
  46. Where can I buy a working replica of Kurt Cobain's '65 Fender Jaguar?
  47. Is there a compressor map for a hx35 holset turbo? I want to compare it to a T3/T4OE 50 trim.?
  48. I need a realistic answer from Pontiac GTO owners?
  49. Decisions? jeep/ford/
  50. What would be a good first car?
  51. Why won't my car sell? Advice PLEASE?
  52. Used car lot sales - what to offer?
  53. Ltz400 vs yzf450 whats the big deal?
  54. 2nd car (sports car)?
  55. Does my car qualify for the "Cash for Clunkers" program?
  56. Which Car is Best?!!?
  57. Need some help in picking out a car that's not a girly car..?
  58. Confused About Registering My New(Used) Car..?
  59. Which car is better Mustang GT or Jaguar XF (diesel)?
  60. Which car would you like?
  61. How can I modify my lawnmower?
  62. My 2008 ranger is totaled, what to get now?
  63. What kind of cars are better old american muscle or new cars?
  64. Rear wheel hp, torque, quarter mile/trap speed estimate?
  65. Im looking to buy a car... to repair or not.. help me?
  66. What is the fastest car you can buy for under 5 grand, US?
  67. Could you modify a 2002 Camaro SS to beat a brand new GT500 mustang?
  68. What car would you pick in this situation?
  69. 1973 ford 429 engine build for 1954 f100?
  70. I am wanting to market high end performance cars? suggestions?