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General Car Discussion

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  1. Will this cold air intake fit an 03 VW Jetta GLI?
  2. Can a 16 year old test drive a car in Louisiana?
  3. What's hotter for a 17yr old girl.. a red or white 2001 convertible mustang?
  4. What should i do (i need help)?
  5. Should I take 97' Ford Explorer or the 01 Mustang Convertible?
  6. Whats a good first car? preferably Muscle wise?
  7. Which car is best for me?
  9. Should i buy a car without a title?
  10. Question about second chance financing and returning a lemon.?
  11. 2012 and 2016 mpg requirements??
  12. The right car for me?
  13. Do you think 2010 Camaro will be everywhere just like Mustang?
  14. What car should i buy?
  15. How hard would it be to put a different engine in my car? and how much?
  16. Where can i advertise online to sell a vehicle free of charge?
  17. Anyone have any info on the MazdaSpeed 6.?
  18. Needs a name for her car?
  19. Mustang gt insurance be liability only. i own car?
  20. 92 civic or 94 civic. Not sure which is better for the price?
  21. Legal help. Paid guy from Navy a deposit for car now he wont Answer my calls.?
  22. Which is the best out of Ferrari, Porsche, and Mustang?
  23. Disabled people & performance sports vehicles..??
  24. Obama gas emissions what about the old cars?
  25. Drifting, can an auto rwd v8 powered car be drifted?
  26. New Nationwide cars...good or bad?
  27. Does a 97 cobra motor fit into a 92 crown victoria?
  28. I want to get a car, but I don't know what one to get, any suggestions?
  29. Some one help me with a BLM mustang question?
  30. What's the deal with Japanese cars?
  31. Car sales gone wrong!!?
  32. Help with my first car?
  33. Cheapest way to get Car Insurance for a 19 year old male, in Ontario?
  34. Why are most hybrid vehicles so small and have such an ugly design?
  35. Where do i check or how i can tell if a car was flooded and fix and been sale like noting happened?
  36. Obtaining title for inheritied classic vehicle?
  37. Which is faster? 1977 Covette L82 (4 speed V8 @190 HP) or 07 Mustang (V6 automatic @210 HP)?
  38. Exactly how many girls you can pick up with a 1967 through 1974 muscle car?
  39. Does anyone have a Scion xb, 04-05 models. 5speed, manual drive, for sale?
  40. Are Fords really unreliable as their reputations claim?
  41. Is this a sign that my spouse is cheating on me?
  42. GTO or Mach 1 Mustang?
  43. So you want the government to manage your health care?
  44. Mustang, Thunderbird, or Miata?
  45. Should I put a 351 V8 in a 2001 Focus ZX3?
  46. Which car would be better for racing?
  47. Why did the camaro, charger, and mustang look similar then and now?
  48. If i put $4000 down for a car how much will the payments be?
  49. Does a car supposed to have a certain mpg for it to be considered in the cash 4 clunkers plan?
  50. Any body know why everyone has either a 2010 Mustang GT or an Honda Accord?
  51. Escrow service for private party out of state used car sale?
  52. What car will rule in 2010 - Mustang GT or Camaro SS?
  53. What would be a better car?
  54. New car help (stupid 20 characters)?
  55. it better to be less specific????
  56. Does any one have a mustang or a impala for sale?
  57. What is good about a camaro?
  58. Can i install a third seat somehow into a corvette?
  59. Looking for a used 1974 chevy nova in great condition in?
  60. Nissan 300ZX, Prelude, or Mini S?
  61. Toyota Safe Driving Tips
  62. Muscle Car Projects For Sale?
  63. Why in the world did they choose a Mustang for the New Knight Rider series?
  64. What should i do between these options?
  65. I bought a 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo and?
  66. Which American Pony Car?!?
  67. Which would you choose?
  68. Do you think 425 HP is a lot for a Big Block 1977 Ford F150?
  69. Who is faster and will win??? 2007 Mustang or a Restored Straight 6, 250 block 1977 Nova?
  70. Question about my truck?