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General Car Discussion

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  1. What is a good car i should look at?
  2. What is every ones favorite car?
  3. Can you ace my car quiz?
  4. 1994 katana 600 questions?
  5. Why didn't they put 454's in Camaros/460's in Mustangs?
  6. 1998 stock 3.8L Mustang Manual VS. 1995 stock 3.4L Camaro automatic. Which would win?
  7. What car is better as in quality and MPG?
  8. Camaro mustang nova fast car?
  9. 2007 mustang v6 vs 2007 mitsubishi eclipse gs?
  10. Need help on finding proof to show my dad cars are still safe without airbags?
  11. What's your opinion on police using impounded cars?
  12. What modifications do you need to make to a ford 4x4 aod transmission to fit a fox mustang?
  13. Please help me, I need a loan but have bad credit!?
  14. What car is best for me?
  15. Any cars for sale?
  16. What do you like better, 2010 Challenger, Comaro, or Mustang?
  17. History Question about GM motors in '75???
  18. Why can't the rich just be happy, with being rich?
  19. Which Car Should I Get...?
  20. Ford Mustang 2010 or Scion tC RS 5.0 ?
  21. Which car whould be the best?
  22. Are Camaros or Mustangs good first cars?
  23. What should I do with a chevy astro-van?
  24. Possible to do this?!!?!?
  25. What are the best cars to modify under 25k?
  26. Money or car question?
  27. Where can i post my car for free?
  28. First car!!!?
  29. 1975-1979 Cars?
  30. Electric vehicle?
  31. Thinking about buying a car. Need some help deciding on which one to get.?
  32. Im planning on buying a 1976 triumph tr7?
  33. Please help me chose a car.?
  34. Boosting a 2007 Civic EX?
  35. Can a 1977 Ford Truck (F150) With a 410 Hp (351M MODIFIED) beat a 2002 Mustang GT in the 1/4 mile?
  36. If you know were to find cars answere?
  37. Which car is faster........................
  38. BLM Mustang/Horse? ? ?
  39. V6 stock mustang vs. 4-cylinder eclipse?
  40. Has anyone thought of this before?
  41. 2002 mercury cougar high performance?
  42. What is a fair sale price for my beat up car in your opinion?
  43. What kind of car should I get?
  44. What is the best car for me to get?
  45. Please help me decide on which car to pick?
  46. How do I get a New Title, Once the Title was turned in years ago?
  47. Chevy to use the Malibu in the NNS?
  48. How does trading in a vehicle work?
  49. Do you buy a car because of the name (e.g. Lexus, Mustang), interior, exterior, or price?
  50. First car. Still trying to decide. Options.?
  51. Poll:What car do you prefer ?
  52. Hybrid automobiles?
  53. 10 worst American made cars of all time?
  54. I love muscle car and need help?
  55. Another Ford in the Family
  56. What car should i get? Tuner mayb?
  57. Mitsubishi lancer evolution or Ford mustang?
  58. Out of all current model Porsche 911 (i.e. 2005+ 997 series) on the road, how many are TURBO?
  59. I want to buy a Mustang, but...?
  60. Trying to buy a great car?
  61. Which movie car would you want as a daily driver?
  62. First Car Question/Help!?Mustang GT'S.....?
  63. What are my chances for being approved for auto financing?
  64. What is safer Dodge Charger 2009 or Ford Mustang 2009?
  65. Would it be a good trade? my 2001 Ford Mustang V6 80000 miles for a 69 Cougar 351W 90000 miles?
  66. Can I export a car from Mexico to the United States?
  67. How can i get a title in nc using a bill of sale from sc.?
  68. What's the best car in the list?
  69. What could/would a person do on a car lot?
  70. Whats a better first car?