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1996-2004 Mustang GT

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  5. Im repairing a 1996 mustang, and it wont start, anyone know how to re-set the ani-theft?
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  19. fuel injectors
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  22. Is it bad to have a car with a lot of miles but new motor?
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  24. Replacing a 2002 ford mustang key and remote?
  25. How can I make a flexible led bar for my car interior?
  26. INPUT SHAFT!!!
  27. I have a 2003 mustang gt with an exhust and cai. Can I beet a new Z06 in a drag race?
  28. Power Pipe Kit
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  35. Can a 2003 ford mustang gt rear end fit in a 1997 mustang gt?
  36. I have 1999 mustang gt 4.6 V8 GT how much horse power does it have?
  37. Clutch Vs. Miles, ware and tare ratio?
  38. Trying to unhook the rpm mine is peging at 4000 like to have more?
  39. How much should my initial offer be for this car?
  40. How to remove stock shifter knob from 1999 mustang gt manual?
  41. Car will not start on first try?
  42. Can you swap these engines?
  43. 1996 Mustang GT Misfire after washing Engine?
  44. I have a 2001 mustang i want to place a cobra independent rear end under.?
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  46. I need your opinion...?
  47. 99 cobra oxygen sensor harness
  48. 4.6L engine ?'s
  49. Is this dude high?
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  51. Whats a good price for a dyno test in tune
  52. I need answer about the window.
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  54. Surging idle
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  63. changed gears yesterday 3.73 to 4.10
  64. Cant Figure it Out
  65. NITROUS?
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  68. pulley install - tough?
  69. Programmers, What do you guys use, and what do you have
  70. Forest Fire Ashes