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General Mustang Discussion

  1. Dose any one know were to find a auto parts shop for a 1965 Ford Mustang in Las Vegas, Nevada?
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  3. gas pedal
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  7. What is a good short shifter for a 2001 Ford Mustang GT?
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  9. Does anyone know where I can find a 1983 mustang gt plastic model kit?
  10. Convertible roof damaged, $3000 to fix, yeah right?
  11. Could I have hurt my engine?
  12. I wanna trade in my 2010 mustang GT..?
  13. What is a loud *** aftermarket exhaust I can get for my mustang?
  14. 2010 Mustang convertible v6, 2007 Nissan 350z?
  15. What kind of bulbs go in the fog lights of a 2007 Mustang Pony Package?
  16. Drew Smith's Terminator Winter 2012 project
  17. Is a car with 180k miles worth getting? ?
  18. Should i buy the 2011 camaro ss or 5.0 mustang?
  19. Insurance on a 2006 mustang GT?
  20. 2011 mustang 5.0 or 04 cobra?
  21. How much would it be to insure a 16 year old in a 2005 Mustang?
  22. New Exhaust Video......3'' Exhaust
  23. Are dumped exhaust on a mustang legal in north carolina?
  24. "98 mustang for $2000?
  25. Mustang Owners...
  26. Trade in for a Charger or upgrade my Mustang pony?
  27. How do I turn off the gas cap light on my 2009 Mustang?
  28. 1995 mustang general help and knowledge?
  29. How much does it cost to supercharge a 2005 Mustang GT?
  30. How long will my 2005 Mustang last?
  31. Maday maday mustang down!!!
  32. 2011 GT/2007 Roush 427R/Shelby GT
  33. What exhaust system should I get for my 2010 Mustang GT?
  34. What is faster,a 1960's camaro or a 2008 mustang?
  35. Supercharge my mustang or lotus exige s, and why?
  36. Is a 2012 Ford Mustang V6 faster than a . . . . .?
  37. How much (estimated) would it cost for in on this mustang?
  38. Replacing old shock!
  39. Differences between a 05' and 07' mustang?
  40. How much gas would a 2006 mustang gt, manual, v6 engine use?
  41. Help window tint messing up
  42. What is wrong with my Ford 2007 Mustang?
  43. What color should i paint my 1985 mustang foxbody?
  44. exhaust tip question
  45. Cleaned my CAI today!
  46. How much for a paint job on a 1989 mustang?
  47. Is my 1975 Mustang II even valuable?
  48. Mustang coupe or Lexus es300?
  50. How do you change the rear bulbs on a 2005 Mustang?
  51. 2002 mustang top speed?
  52. Mods for 2001 Ford Mustang GT - Cold Air Intake and Exhaust?
  53. What years....
  54. Whats better? 1994 toyota supra (MK4) or 1990 mustang 5.0?
  55. Should i get a 2011 mustang v6 or a 2011 Camaro V6?
  56. Giving a 1997 mustang dual exhaust?
  57. Is a 2004 40th anniversary newly painted black mustang a good car?
  58. How much can i buy a 1978 Ford Mustang or any muscle cars in working but a beat up condition?
  59. Ford Mustang 1995 V6 EXHAUST HELP PLEASE?
  60. Which is better, mustang or jeep?
  61. Can you change a manual transmission to an automatic transmission 2007 mustang?
  62. Why are the hoses coming off of my radiator while I drive?
  63. How much would it roughly cost to get a replacement key?
  64. 16 years old, car insurance?
  65. How much are 2005 mustangs?
  66. Drive shaft dyno
  67. 05 Mustang squealing problem?
  68. What is a shaker hood exactly?
  69. I have a 1994 mustang want to put 400 horses can it still be my daily driver and pass smog?
  70. Where can i order for my 1991 mustang a bra cover for the bumper?