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General Mustang Discussion

  1. Will air in my brake system effect my clutch pedal?
  2. Which would win in a race/which is the fastest?
  3. Can I Put Flowmaster Mufflers On 2008 Mustang Without Problems?
  4. Mustang Saleen Value?
  5. Plasti dip gone wild!
  6. What should i expect a 1996 mustang inline6 to pull?
  7. Payoff on my 2004 ford mustang my account is 5358264?
  8. 2009 Mustang hit from rear at 55 mph......?
  9. so bittersweet...
  10. Should I buy a 2008 Mustang base Convertible or a 2007 Mustang with pony package?
  11. Are 2011 mustangs limited to 120mph?
  12. What is the advantage to an underdrive pulley system?
  13. How much horsepower does a 1998 mustang gt have stock?
  14. Is this a good deal for a car?
  15. Convertible or coupe Mustang?
  16. 2006 Ford Mustang Shuts Off While Driving?
  17. Cai
  18. I just crashed my brothers car and he has a really bad temper help !!?
  19. Where can I purchase a l/100km or mpg gauge for a 1994 mustang gt?
  20. Is there a 2010 mustang 5.0?
  21. Would a 2011 mustang gt grille fit on a v6 2011 mustang?
  22. Muscle car wars?????
  23. How to save gas driving stick.
  24. Insurance rates for a 2007 mustang v6 in Boston?
  25. How do you feel driving your 4th gen. Mustang when you come across a 5th gen. Mustang?
  26. 2005 mustang making a squeeling noise when the air is blowing? help!?
  27. Is the 2007 mustang gt a good solid and reliable car ?? turning 17 in feb?
  28. Which would get me more money parting out my 1994 mustang gt or selling it all together?
  29. Do you own a 2005 mustang?
  30. Restoration costs for a 1978 Ford Mustang?
  31. Should I get a 2011 Charger or a 2011 mustang gt?
  32. Ideas for hoods
  33. 2010 mustang VS 2010 Mazda 3 or 6?
  34. Got a mustang. Weird sybol?
  35. Where is a good place to get a convertible top repaired in South Eastern Massachusetts?
  36. Torq wheels 18x8
  37. If I had air in my brake system could it effect my clutch pedal if they share the same reservoir?
  38. Turning 17 in feb, looking to get a 2007 mustang gt as a first, are they reliable cars(manual)?
  39. 2008 Bmw M3 or 2011 Mustang Gt Premium?
  40. How much does an average Mustang cost?
  41. What car would win in a drag race? G20 or Mustang?
  42. It was an accident
  43. Which car is better a 2010 ford mustang, 2007 nissan 350z, 2009 nissan 370z?
  44. Whens the best time to buy a coupe off of craigslist?
  46. What is the approximate towing capacity of a '65 Mustang?
  47. How do make moonshine with the right mix to run my 2000 mustang?
  48. 2006 Ford Mustang price?
  49. How many liters is my Mustang?
  50. How much horsepower does the 2002 mustang cobra have?
  51. How can i find out how much my car is worth?
  52. Security camera
  53. Tinting Windows
  54. Will the front facia and fog lights for 2007 mustang gt fit a 2007 mustang v 6?
  55. Hood scoop issues?
  56. Photoshop request??
  57. What kind of gas mileage does a 1996 mustang with a 4.6l v8 get?
  58. How much would a 2008 Mustang Convertible with 80,000 mileage be worth?
  59. Can anyone identify this sound on my car?
  60. Can you get a mustang deluxe with leather? ?
  61. 1998 mustang insurance?
  62. What is the differnce between a 2004 mustang svt and a 2004 mustang gt?
  63. Is it a bad idea to buy a 2003 mustang with a salvage title?
  64. I want to buy a 2003 Mustang Convertible, but I don't know if its a good deal...?
  65. Mods for my 1998 Mustang? 10 Points Best answer.?
  66. 2012 mustang insurance?
  67. How much does it cost to fill the gas tank of a 2005 Mustang?
  68. Would the 2004 mustang cup holder bezel fit my 1999 mustang?
  69. Automatic Launching on races
  70. Is this car worth buying ?