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General Mustang Discussion

  1. How much would it cost to swap an engine for another one you bought?
  2. Mustang kit installation?
  3. Is it possible to turn my p71 crown vic into a muscle car possible?
  4. 67 mustang rear quarter panels?
  5. Can I fit a 572 Chevy Big Block in a 2004 mustang?
  6. Hummer H3 or Mustang?
  7. Alright Ford gear heads just another quick question?
  8. What is the purpose of some of the stuff they put on cars on Mtv's Pimp My Ride?
  9. Where's the best place to find/buy a new clutch kit and flywheel for a 200 Ford Mustang V6?
  10. Whats the cheapest you've seen a ford mustang saleen sell for?
  11. 2005 Mustang V6 to GT? ?
  12. 2002 Mustang GT Brake light?
  13. Identifying a ford differential?
  14. Ford Mustang Part Question?
  15. Part in transmission pan of 2001 Mustang?
  16. Im about to buy this mustang gt 2003 in $10000 but it has 50000 miles does its a good deal or not?
  17. Black rubber molding fading-what should I do?
  18. What are the best alternations and aftermarket parts to put on a Mustang Cobra (97)?
  19. Will a mustang 2 rack and pinion fit in a 61 ford ranchero?
  20. Does anyone know anything about the Ford T-5?
  21. 68' mustang partial resotration?
  22. New PB today in the 1/8th
  23. 2004 Manual Mustang or 2003 Auto Mustang?
  24. How much should i pay for this 1965 mustang?
  25. Getting irritated with the barn owner where I board?
  26. 86 5.0 GT mustang or 86 2.3 SVO?
  27. Mustang OBDII Code P0443?
  28. Ways to make a mustang quicker with only $1000?
  29. On a 1994 mustang gt unable to get the piston to compress?
  30. Car dealership is robbing me?
  31. Estimate on a new 98 mustang GT roof?
  32. Would you say a 1967 ford mustang is a good first car for a 15 year old girl?
  33. I have a 1996 mustang gt convetible with (4.6)?
  34. How do you replace a fuel filter in a 1999 ford mustang v6?
  35. Does anyone know where I can find a fairly priced V8 289 rebuilt engine for a 1966 Ford Mustang?
  36. Where to buy turbo kit for 1992 Mustang 2.3l?
  37. I want a 289 in my 6 cylinder automatic 1966 Mustang, what do I need to swap out?
  38. How to go from Vrrrrrrrrooooommmm to Vrroomm Vrroomm?
  39. Leather seats for a 2008 Mustang?
  40. Regarding A Vintage (Early 60s to Early 70s) Mustang?
  41. Can catalytic converters be adden to pre 1975 cars WITHOUT AFFECTING PERFORMANCE?
  42. 2006 Ford Mustang. Price And Payments?
  43. I have a 1966 Mustang w/ new parts to sell ?
  44. 1998 mk3 Jetta 2.0 question?
  45. Mustang in NC or within driving distance for sale?
  46. I've a mustang hard top 65, no automatic, How much could cost?
  47. Adjusting of valves ford engine?
  48. What is a good 1960 to 1970s muscle car?
  49. Mustang 2003 V6 shake (Oscillate right left) on bumpy Road ?
  50. Car part hanging?
  51. Will the performance parts that fit a 4.6 mustang fit a 4.6 lincoln town car?
  52. What are the best performance parts or cheapest and durable parts for my mustang?
  53. Why do the Mustang II's recieve such a bad reputation?
  54. If I am correct was the SS 69 Camro built to compete with the Shelby Mustang?
  55. What will i need to make a 1990 mustang 5.0 manual?
  56. 1990 Ford 5.0 HO. stalling out when outside temp is over 105?
  57. 1966 coupe mustang. Wondering about body work.?
  59. How fast is this car?? And few other things?
  60. Spark problem on 1994 mustang?
  61. Mustang for a first car?
  62. Why wont my Mustang sell?!?!?!?
  63. 2002 mustang interior color?
  64. Rebuilding a mustang?
  65. How alike are we???????
  66. Does anyone know a web site for a 1997 mustang cobra. T45 transmission schematics.?
  67. Does anyone know where i can find performance parts for a 3.8 liter v-6 thats in a 1985 mustang???
  68. Will the Rear end out of a 1988 cougar xr7 fit in a 97 mustang?
  69. 1970 chevelle ss 454 engine vs mustang gt 2009 who would win a drag race?
  70. Year 2000 Maxima SE 5 speed (Fast)?