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  1. holy **** talk about owned
  2. requiem for a dream
  3. w00t! post from teh beach!
  4. Short Article I wrote featured on
  5. A Tale of Two Whales
  6. New Cell phone Idea
  7. Dead Rising for 360..
  8. close, but yet so far
  9. Robot Balances on a Single Spherical Wheel
  11. When does a car dealer cross the line?
  12. Shelby Upgrades now Available
  13. It's Already Starting (New Camaro on Ebay)
  14. I found a great deal on a 2004 GT if anyone wants it
  15. The boondock saints
  16. ****ing damn sonsof*****es:
  17. Ok so dont hate me 4 this
  18. Jokes
  19. Huge Terror Plot Shut Down in London
  20. I'm starting to get pumped about this upcoming semester
  21. Holy Crap! Mega "You might be a ricer" list...
  22. Learn Chinese fast.
  23. <homer simpson> "ummmmm, sushi!!!" </homer simpson>
  24. This makes me so angry. Beyond words angry. *A Terrible Crime*
  25. Better quit using WEP...
  26. FEAR Combat:
  27. Jack FTW
  28. How many???
  29. Another Kill Story: 'vette pownage :D
  30. OMG Snakes!
  31. Ellie seen from Space?
  32. SWOOT!!!
  33. Major alaskan oil field shut down
  34. Mel Gibson:
  35. some old school flash gaming goodness
  36. Drove Tony's V6 today...Kill story, NO RANT :p
  37. Evo Test Drive
  38. Serious subwoofer:
  39. 2 New Additions to the family..
  40. It hath come! The 2006 NCAA Football Top 25 Pre Season Rankings
  41. Semi-RANT and a new name
  42. Lookie what i did...
  43. Went on an overnight campout.. surprise inside [Pics] 56k BEWARE.
  44. OMFG.. the last thread I'll start tonight but the most hilarious too
  45. Apple and Ford with some new innovations
  46. Lol.. masterbate-a-thon
  47. I need your opinion, pretty important
  48. UPDATED: Guess My Numbers
  49. new toy...
  50. Nintendo poised for dominance...
  51. Wow I want this job. (Zim you must apply for it now)
  52. Some fun on the boat - woot
  53. Im stuck on this song...
  54.'re car is teh lose!!!!!
  55. Im gonna get drunk *****es!!
  56. Ford recall issued - only trucks, SUVs and vans involved
  57. Street car shootout...anyone interested?
  58. How Liberal or Conservative are you?
  59. Just IM'ed w/Jimmy Beaner for like 2 hours or so...
  60. Ice knows...
  61. Ice knows...
  62. LMAO!!
  63. 650 HP Cobra vs. 646hp Supra... Kenny Bell pwns
  64. lots of weirdness IN THE NEWS
  65. Typical Ricer lingo......
  66. Twin Turbo PT Cruiser
  67. This guy is awesome!
  68. I LOL'ed, ricer spoof video, might be old news...
  69. My typical conversation with a GT owner...
  70. Rethinking the war on terror: