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The Bar

  1. Ucla study (very interesting & short)
  2. Jimmy Johns is an IDIOT
  3. Das Boots!!!! (The Dolly Man story)
  4. For Gun Supporters/Owners
  5. I'm In Love
  6. The iPhone is a piece of...
  7. Toyota 350 @ Infineon Raceway in Sonoma
  8. George Carlin died tonight
  9. Anyone good with flash/javascripting? Thickbox?
  10. ever been happy to break something???
  11. Racer dies
  12. For the Linux guys:
  13. This is a great way to get shot
  14. Why Ingersoll Rand's Headquarters Is In Bermuda
  15. Happy Birthday Seph!
  16. That's One Large Step....
  17. woot!! going see boston and styx tonight!
  18. Thought For The Day
  19. Family Guy Fat People.
  20. Boeing Wins Their Air Tanker Appeal
  21. *Look inside* Soft Launch of New Site....
  22. Kyle, your rejection days are over
  23. Choke
  24. Hank Steinbrenner is a whiny little....
  25. This sucks....
  26. AIDS vaccine
  27. Killed my PC
  28. My bike got a face lift
  29. Happy Birthday, Kyle! (June 17th)
  30. So I moved into the new apartment...
  31. Face The Program
  32. History Lesson:
  33. Louisiana's Finest Car Mechanic at his Finest Hour...*To good to be true*
  34. Happy Birthday Zim!
  35. Thank you
  36. They found water on mars!
  37. WTF? Xbox
  38. Crash Compilation!
  39. E10 issues...
  40. Simple Home Remedies
  41. I'm voting republican video
  42. Opinions on Motorcycle Helmets
  43. Now Our Beer is being out sourced
  44. Finally.....
  45. Ron Paul Talks About Real Change (Not Obama's Version)
  46. Evolution in the lab:
  47. What is this new Analog to Digital Cable crap...
  48. Iowa City is so screwed... resizing, sorry
  49. V-12 engine made of paper that actually runs!
  50. Blacking out games is annoying
  51. Behold! Spore in all its glory...
  52. Charles Barkley a dumbass... bahahhaa
  53. Blew Cross - Porn Star Insurance
  54. Cycle of life and love
  55. Interesting read about sleep
  56. Election Day Should Be On A Saturday
  57. Ouch. Miley Cyrus Is Grounded!
  58. I was wrong about the war on drugs: It's a Failure
  59. 7 People Arressted For Cheering!
  60. Democrats Want To Tax Oil Companies For 'Unreasonable' Profit
  61. BMW: Gina
  62. Good Good laugh
  63. Kid slaps mom on TV... lmao
  64. guess what i saw today
  65. House Introduces 35 Articles of Impeachment Against Bush
  66. Next gen iPhone
  67. Interesting news Article: "Sexting"
  68. Bored? Fun little Mustang Quiz
  69. Police Car Chasing a BMW
  70. MySpace v4.0