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The Bar

  1. A question from Germany.
  2. Happy Birthday!!!!
  3. Few Pics of My Stang
  4. A Song For The Ladies
  5. Why We Need Net Neutrality
  6. Interesting Article on Saving Gas
  7. Go Ford! Ford is building a $3 Billion Dollar Plant!
  8. 30 Upcoming Movie Sequels
  9. There is no good way to put this....
  10. Net neutrality Vs. Net Reality
  11. Dominos Sub Review.....
  12. Ouch... seems to have gotten owned
  13. Foreign exchange student's view on USA
  14. By Saturday, I will no longer be a Mustang owner
  15. Soccer would be better in US if...
  16. Just Awesome. Mom of 8 on Fixed Income
  17. Linkin Park Hands Held High
  18. Well, this is a different approach
  19. Sunday Morning Sex ---- Joke
  20. How Stupid Can You Possibly Be?
  21. Why You Need To Buy Your Girl Wii Fit
  22. Glenn Beck Is a Complete Idiot
  23. Perfection
  24. Wow. Someone Got A Surprise....
  25. lolcat bible
  26. $10 Gas
  27. Ed Zachary Disease
  28. The pharmacist
  29. Bagged Mustang........
  30. I'm Spoiled..
  31. Joe Paterno Rocks
  32. Energy Discussion Continued
  33. Ford No Longer Claiming To Return To Making A Profit by 2009
  34. Date From Hell
  35. During Bill Clinton's time as Governor/President
  36. Laptop advice.
  37. Oil Cheif Execs answer why prices have gone up 400% since Bush took office
  38. Flying American Just Got More Expensive
  39. Hottest College Girl of 2008
  40. Awesome Quotes About The War On Drugs
  41. We must stop here for a burger during our Lake George trip
  42. Republicans & Their Idiotic Cuban Embargo
  43. Free site access
  44. House wants to sue OPEC
  45. Will Phoenix land successfully?
  46. Are You Throughly Dead?
  47. Hydrogen Fuel
  48. Oh McCain..
  49. Excellent speech on stem cells and morality:
  50. How Golf Was Invented
  51. Radio Host Fired over Racist Song *WW for Language*
  52. Church shooting
  53. NFL Headed For A Lockout
  54. Who says crime doesn't pay?
  55. Bill O'Reilly's Producer
  56. So....I guess I am getting my *** kicked some time
  57. Well after right at 4 years. It's finnally happening
  58. Smile... err flash! For the Camera
  59. Sir Charles Owes $400,000 To Casino
  60. Wow it pays to be a Congressman....
  61. Thomas, you can get married now!
  62. A new game:
  63. AA-12 the Most Deadly Shotgun on Earth
  64. Tony Blair's 'Heart Sank' When George Bush Beat Al Gore
  65. Vagina (Penny Arcade Comic)
  66. Next Time You Set Off The Alarms At Wal-Mart....
  67. new recording
  68. Owned drunk
  69. What Defines 'Alcohol Abuse' To You?
  70. Bob Barr: The Next Ross Perot?