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The Bar

  1. Would you remarry?
  2. umm, wtf?
  3. John McCain Wins
  4. You just got to be completely retarded....
  5. Amy Smart on the set of Crank 2
  6. Improve gas mileage?
  7. 'Tis a sad day
  8. Looks like a forever drive home tonight
  10. Should 15 year old girls pose 'nude' for magazines
  11. Must watch Ron Paul Video. Watch it. Now.
  12. Stimulus Rebates are going to be sent out early
  13. Why won't you vote for a 3rd party
  14. Why We Must Have Reformed Medical Marijuana Laws
  15. It happened for the first time, last night:
  16. Death metal - cry me a river
  17. Back on the East Coast
  18. Prepare for Ice Age..
  19. Stang Suspension
  20. 11 Unintentionally Gay Rap Lyrics
  21. I have a huge delima and need your help
  22. Bill Introduced To Decriminalize Marijuana
  23. LOLGrues:
  24. Revenge shall be mine!!!
  25. Directv Ordering Question
  26. Hot Beach Girls
  27. Muslim Students Urinate, Spit On Then Burn Bible
  28. A teacher's stand
  29. An Engineer's Guide To Cats
  30. A Cure For Cancer... with no side effects?!?!
  31. A Renegade Against Greenpeace:
  32. FFVII Crisis Core..
  33. Calendar Update!
  34. For the avid readers on the forum:
  35. Lindsay has been Overthrown.
  36. The 5-0
  37. Surprise
  38. Friday Joke
  39. Laptop?
  40. Cheater Gets Owned!! Epicness
  41. Tomorrow is Friday!
  42. Just got some not so good news about my dad
  43. TWICE
  44. The Rising Tide
  45. Bring Your Gun to Work Law!
  46. Jericho Season Three Still Possible
  47. The Good Wife Guide :)
  48. Pint sized tank:
  49. Where'd the *WW* Girlies go?
  50. Finally got a new job!
  51. How to say 'I love you' in 25 languages
  52. i want a 1996 Cobra mustang!!
  53. Rice As VP?
  54. Ouch!
  55. Party at Brent's
  56. Gas Mileage Discussion
  57. I'm going to hell for laughing, I know it
  58. Easy Listening Music Suggestions
  59. Funny cat pictures
  60. NKOTB FTMFW!!!!!
  61. Mmmmm Baconz!
  62. What States Honor Your Handgun Permits
  63. Nuclear arms race in middle east?
  64. Any of you guys play WoW???
  65. Today's Bible Story:
  66. Happy Birthday Herb!!
  67. Alex Rodriguez Makes More Than Marlins Payroll
  68. Matt Lienart reaping celebrity benefits
  69. Independent U.S. Truckers Strike
  70. So dead...