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  1. Road Encounters
  2. This is just creepy..
  3. Happy Easter
  4. Obama's a pimp
  5. I think I know what the next big war will be.....
  6. Obama's Speech & Other Ramblings *Intelligent Discussion Only*
  7. Georgia tried to make me look smart...
  8. $.50 Gas tax?
  9. YES! YES! YES! Sony Picks Up All Saints Day (Boondock Saints Sequel!)
  10. Ah Gotta Love The Onion
  11. It's Not Illegal If You Don't Get Caught
  12. Mac's Safari for Windows?
  13. Prime rate down .75%
  14. Awesome site for you gun nuts:
  15. For MarkuzLS1....
  16. Hope No one owned Bear Stearns.....
  17. Like Tattoos?
  18. 14 Year Old Kid With Pistol in No Gun Zone Area
  19. Deja Vu
  20. St. Patty's Day
  21. Horton Hears a Who
  22. WTF!!!! NSFW
  23. GT5 car list
  24. Proper Way To Call In Sick
  25. Bush Says He envious of U.S. Soldiers
  26. Sue Al Gore for Fraud
  27. my hypocracy knows no bounds...
  28. Greetings from Georgetown
  29. w00t
  30. Gun Advice
  31. Fareweoo F-117
  32. Just ordered my X-Cal 2 Tuner from VMP!
  33. Alabama Engage in Beer Debate
  34. Standing Alone For What's Right
  35. Citizens Arrest! Citizens Arrest!
  36. Anonymous Internet Posting Illegal..
  37. Sometimes I think...
  38. 99 Words For Boobs *NSFW*
  39. Anyone going to Harleys 105th party?
  40. Those damn lesbians....
  41. Jeep Chevy and Ford team up!
  42. New Laptop
  43. I'm a father now!!!!
  44. The brith of liberalism
  45. Considering a new job-Help
  46. Wow at Jericho
  47. IE8 First Look
  48. neopets anyone??
  49. MLB 08 The Show
  50. Favre Retires
  51. Any roller coaster fans? I rode a SWEET coaster today
  52. Any vitamin poppers!? Check this crap out!
  53. 3 Doors Down new singles
  54. Eve Online
  55. Met up with Scut95 today..
  56. Political Poll of the Day
  57. Get Out Of Our House
  58. So George Bush Goes To Hell... [Joke]
  59. Must be nice to be the prince
  60. The Official Investment Thread
  61. Operation Northwoods Plans To Sabatoge Own Planes/Ships To Blame Cuba
  62. ijustcantclosemy text message
  63. McCain may not be eligible to run
  64. U.S. Defense Department: "They Hate Our Policies, Not Our Freedom"
  65. Cats = Democrats, Dogs = Republicans
  66. From The International Council of Manlaws
  67. Quick question
  68. Anyone see "The KIngdom"
  69. Cops drinking on the job?
  70. The Man Rules.