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The Bar

  1. Hogans kid in a car accident
  2. Happy Birthday Shelia
  3. What Happens When I Spend time Outside...
  4. United States is the most heavily armed society in the world.
  5. Annoying little habit.
  6. Played Two Worlds yesterday....
  7. Another gun thread... haha
  8. two moons tonight!
  9. Lunar battle new game
  10. Looking for a new computer...
  11. Can't make fun of Muslims
  12. Michael Vick Has Found Jesus
  13. Owen Wilson Tries Suicide
  14. WHY JENNA, WHY!?!?
  15. Made some sigs for Markuzls1
  16. Got BioShock......
  17. Everybody loves new play toys.
  18. Which Color
  19. Think they'll ever go back:
  20. Greatest Beatdowns in History
  21. Dayum, anyone checked out this USC?? 2500 bucks!!
  22. PETA actually wants an animal dead?
  23. Herb's Fantasy
  24. White Man Wins Racism Lawsuit
  25. Speed Saves?
  26. Texas vs. Baltimore
  27. Barbie Bandits = Strippers
  28. Halo 3
  29. This Kid Could Have Won The Darwin Award
  30. new job, more time on evolution now
  31. More evidence of Pit Bulls' inherent evil:
  32. 100 Facts About Jack Bauer
  33. I like turtles
  34. Went and got the cobra Dyno'd
  35. Top Ten Military Rifles of All Time
  36. Mike Vick:
  37. For all those that wanted a sun roof but didnt want the hassle!
  39. yay for MS making shotty products...
  40. Finally!
  41. Sooooooooooo Kiss Me
  42. need video games?
  43. oh i wish i had money
  44. New Need for Speed game coming out
  45. I now have AC back in the daily driver!
  46. holy crap that's a big burger
  47. Anyone Use Google Talk?
  48. Turntable & Violin Duet
  49. No Love'in?...
  50. Robot Fights
  51. Check out these idiots
  52. Faster than the speed of light?
  53. So I just had the most amazing strawberries.
  54. W00T parts ordered
  55. wrong.. but sooooo funny
  56. Its a done deal(GED)
  57. last of it arrived today :-D
  58. Europe moves ever closer to being the next middle east....
  59. Live Interview w/ Duct Tape Bandit
  60. So my Chihuahua got me a ticket today
  61. Poor Vick...he's going to go bankrupt
  62. Whoa... WTF? This is crazy...
  63. Duct Tape Mask...
  64. So I attempted something new today...
  65. Selling a car for more than what you paid for it new
  66. Love that Sweet Tea
  67. Groan, this again.
  68. I'm waiting on a couple of packages....
  69. Snippets at end of news stories.....
  70. Man Vs. Kids Karate War