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The Bar

  1. Cant win For Losing
  2. i'm somewhat impressed by microsoft...
  3. Alcohol makes you smarter
  4. 1995 Cobra R Engine On Ebay
  5. Whoa, check out this creepy spider outside my window
  6. iTunes Launches 7.2 With DRM Free Music
  7. What's YOUR drink?
  8. Damn... guy gets hit on a bike, dude that hits the bike continues 20 blocks!
  9. Sheehan Calls It Quits
  10. w00t! New Flash game to play
  11. Question for you gun enthusiasts..
  12. What is ya'll opinion on this
  13. Dust in the Wind... lord of the rings online style
  14. as much as i like the LotR movies...
  15. Anybody watching Indy prerace?
  16. UFC
  17. Save Jericho
  18. Rules for the Beach
  19. BullRun on Spike TV
  20. TV Show Withdrawals
  21. Charlotte's Web
  22. SNES Emulator Games
  23. Pirates: At Worlds End
  24. The Difference Between DVD Quality and High Definition Quality
  25. Hell YEAH (guitar hero related)
  26. You Know You're from New Jersey When
  27. Jack threatens Bill:
  28. uh... (weird news article about dinosaurs and noah)
  29. Iran Pushing Again
  30. To trade.. Or not to trade that is the question
  31. Immaculate Conception Shark
  32. Wow why didn't they do this earlier?
  33. Wireless piggybacking:
  34. "Immigration Bill Is ****"
  35. Draft lottery?
  36. Florida moves up primary:
  37. John Edwards Charges $55,000 For Speech On Poverty
  38. Zune or Vision M?
  39. XM Radio
  40. Democrats Cave, No Pullout Date in New War Bill
  41. Just got home from my first "real" job/internship
  42. Where was God during the Virginia Tech shootings?
  43. Email I got today
  44. Energy Drinks. Are they bad?
  45. here's an interesting situation
  46. It is rant time. Do not open if you don't want to hear whinning and complaining
  47. My I want a GT rant
  48. So I'm thinkin of tryin Lord of the Rings Online
  49. Dumb if you ask me...
  50. Oil Rant
  51. I saw the gayness last night
  52. GAS WAR
  53. Happy Birthday Fishers Stang!
  54. Starcraft 2 Announced
  55. "FCC pressured to admit it sucks"
  56. Animated Calvin and Hobbes
  57. Crazy Neighbors
  58. Cross species adoption:
  59. 300 PG version
  60. Im in yur forumz...
  61. Holy Crap, MiniVan is Devestated by School Bus
  62. All of you should love Deadpool as much as I do *56k*
  63. The NBA Blows and This Article Highlights It
  64. Paris Hilton's Jail Sentence cut in Half
  65. Immigration Agreement Reached
  66. Salvia Divinorum
  67. $20,000 Dollars Shelby GT500
  68. Something that pisses me off at gyms /rant
  69. Threat Left on Desk
  70. Well It DIdnt Take Long For Censorship on PAY Radio