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  1. UFOs Invading??
  2. Chris Rock's Quote Of The Year
  3. The Liberals In Cali Are Taking Over
  4. Oil Change F*ck Up
  5. So I put my cc plates and lowering springs on and Now Im Pissed
  6. Guitar Hero II
  7. Rutgers did it!
  8. How many referals do you have?
  9. You have to be ****ing kidding me... my car NOT a cobra?
  10. UPDATE!! Bam!!!!! And It Hit"s You Double Whammy
  11. A 5 Dollar Hoe
  12. funny pics
  13. Increase your typing skill with this game!
  14. Dammit! I was so close!
  15. The Ark
  16. The Perfect Presidential Speech
  17. Nanci Pelosi to Become Speaker of the House
  18. Yay! Rumsfeld Resigns!
  19. Damn Rydog
  20. Interesting Site
  21. Damn Paypal did right by me
  22. Calvin and Hobbess
  23. I need the best free antivirus/adware software out there NOW!
  24. So, that movie Babel
  25. A bad year to be a Miami Football Player
  26. My internet speed..
  27. So I almost got seriously ****ed up tonight at work
  28. It's Official... West Virginia is Retarded
  29. Its Official Briteny and Kfed are DONE
  30. HaHa Faith Hill Own.T BAD
  31. Anyone need a wrestling ring?
  32. Damn Computer. Nerds Unite
  33. Agenda for the Democratic National Convention 2008
  34. Would You Like Weed With That?
  35. Election Day
  36. Got to drive a GT500 tonight
  37. Question for the std drivers?
  38. WTF is up with this...
  39. Pittsburg not to be confused with Pittsburgh
  40. I got a new puppy!
  41. heh
  42. Saddam sentenced To Death
  43. New Z06 catches fire
  44. My New Car Drawings !
  45. OMFG the sn65 was sold :(
  46. Quick Q on Myspace
  47. Kanye goes nuts...again
  48. Ah Gotta Love the NFL Sometimes....Not
  49. I got a pretty funny email this morning
  50. Evo+Sti meet experience
  51. If the Republicans Don't Lose the Congress What Does This Say For Democrats?
  52. California Sucks
  53. Borat: A revolutionary film?
  54. So disgusting......
  55. DAMN firefox
  56. More Iranian sabre rattling:
  57. Amazing guitar solo
  58. Another Toys R Us tale
  59. I Hate F-Body Owners
  60. SVT owners check this out
  61. 1000
  62. US troops respond to Kerry
  63. The Granny Guard
  64. Any Final Fantasy Fans or Need For Speed Fans
  65. Cops concerned about "Wrap" concerts
  66. ***REMINDER*** Park your car away from the street tonight.
  67. Any Rambo fans?
  68. John Kerry Calls Military Dumb and Lazy
  69. 2006 Idiot Awards
  70. You can now click the logo