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How To Plasti-Dip Your Wheels!!!

This is a little (actually long) write up on how to Plasti-Dip your wheels! Enjoy!

First off you're gonna need to decide if you will be painting them while they're still on or off. I've done it both ways and taking them off to do it takes more work and if you're limited to only a jack and no stands it will take a lot longer than leaving them on, BUT it results in a much better result because it's a lot harder to get drips since the surface with be horizontal instead of vertical.

After you decide which way you will do it, you need to prep the rims. This is fairly easy and can be done by washing them thoroughly. I washed them with water and wheel degreaser/cleaner and went ahead and cleaned the entire wheel instead of just the face. After washing you need to dry the wheel and make sure to get ALL the water off. If you leave the wheels on the car you might want to use cotton swabs to get the water out of the lug nut area, if not there will be a little puddle there that will run down when you start spraying!

After washing and drying you will need to start taping off areas that you do not want to paint. These include the thread for the wheel studs (which you can tape off by stuffing a little ball of tape into them), the tire valves (just wrap a piece of tape around them as close to the wheel without actually touching it as possible and do the same for the lug nuts if you left the wheels on the car), the center caps, and the back of the wheel. If you leave the wheels on the car, taping the back might be a bit difficult when you get to wear your brakes are, but if you take your time you will get it right!

After the wheel is taped off, you might want to clean it a bit again but this time use alcohol instead of water. It will get all contaminants off and dry quickly.

Before you start spraying you will also want to block off the tires so you won't get over spray on them. This can be done by simply getting a deck of cards and placing the cards between the wheel and tire.

Now that you've prepped your wheels, it's time to spray!

Shake your can for about one minute to ensure an even spray, and spray a bit somewhere other than your wheels before so you don't get the first spray on them (the first spray usually comes out bad, even if you do shake your can for the whole minute). Begin spraying your first coat. Make sure to keep the can moving while you spray. Do NOT spray in the same spot and make sure to NOT stop spraying in the middle of the wheel! Start and stop your spray off the surface of the wheel, this will help prevent drips. At first it will look as if the Plasti-Dip is not sticking and just staying as drops on the wheel, but don't worry as you continue to spray the first coat it will begin to look more like an even coat of paint. Your can spray the first coat pretty thick, but if you feel like you're about to get drips STOP! It's better to stop and have a thinner coat than to keep spraying and get drips.

After your first coat is done you can let it sit for anywhere between 10-30 minutes, depending on the temperature outside. If it's cold, leave it longer, but if it's warm or hot it should be ready for the second coat as early as 10-15 minutes. During your waiting time, go inside tell your wife/mom/girlfriend/kids/grandma or whoever you love them and just relax! lol If you did manage to get a few gnarly drips in your first coat you can lightly, and I mean LIGHTLY!, dab at them with a shop towel or rag and spray them very lightly again! If they are very slight drips you can leave them, they will be covered in the next coat.

After waiting for the first coat to dry, inspect the wheel for drips and if you had slight drips you'll see that they aren't nearly as bad dried as they were when you first sprayed. Now you can spray your second coat. With this coat you're gonna want to spray the entire wheel again, with slight emphasis on areas that are not as dark as the rest and the spots where you wiped your gnarly drips (if you had any). When you're done with this coat you can wait the same amount of time as you did the first time or even a couple of minutes longer before you go on to your third coat.

When your waiting time is up you can once again inspect the wheel and any drips you once had should be even less noticeable now if not entirely gone. Your third coat will once again go over the entire wheel lightly with emphasis on any light spots, but remember that this coat must be lighter than your first two! Let this coat set for the same amount as the second.

When this waiting time is up you should once again inspect the wheel. If it looks how you want it you should wait anywhere from half to a full hour before you start untaping. If the wheel is not to your liking yet you can spray as many more coats as you wish as long as they are light coats, about as light as the third. When you get it how you want it you should wait up to an hour before untaping.

To untape the wheel you are gonna want to start with the tire valve, lugs/holes, and center caps. After that you can start taking the tape off of the back of the wheels. If you did all of this with the wheels off this will be much easier, but the basic process applies to wheels on or off. Start pushing the tape from the front of the wheel towards the back. If the tape starts to take some of the Plasti-Dip with it get a razor blade and lightly cut at the space between the wheel and the tape. This will separate the wheels Plasti-Dip and the Plasti-Dip that is on the tape. If you left the wheels on, after pushing all the tape our the back of the wheel you can gently pull it through the space that it was meant to block off and throw it all away. If you took the wheels off you don't have to worry about getting it out of the space between your wheel and brakes lol

After all of this you are done! I will try to include some pics of some of the steps if I can, and sorry if this is really long! lol

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Re: How To Plasti-Dip Your Wheels!!!

Hey i just plasti dipped my rims today and after 4 light to medium coats it looks good but has sort of a texture to it and its not smooth looking like yours, i noticed if i put a heavy coat on it, it drys smoother, could i put one last heavy coat over the coats i have once they dry and smooth it out that way or do i have to completely take it off and restart with a heavy coat?
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You should be able to put a heavy coat on right over top of it
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Looks great!
You should do your badges as well
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Do your badge like this
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