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ignorance is not bliss

ok... i know i'm dumb... but i've never really had a need to know this since i own a carborated car and not EFI... but whats the diff in a TurboCharger and a SuperCharger... and which is better... what are the good points and the bad points of both?

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Re: ignorance is not bliss

basicaly the turbo uses the exhaust gas you use to push more air(boost) into te intake.
Good, better power gains, no belt loss
Bad ususally ALOT more expensive

whereas a Supercharger feeds off the belt system of a car and forces air(boost)
Good, Cheaper, more applications
bad belt power loss smaller power gains
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Re: ignorance is not bliss

Turbo's also lag because it takes time for the exhaust gases to build up enough pressure to spin the turbo/turbo's fast enough to build boost. (Bigger turbo's have this problem worse than small turbos)

Superchargers don't lag like turbos because the are driving by a belt, even though Centrifugul superchargers don't make alot of lowend power.

I no real expert on Super/Turbochargers but I hope this helps.
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Re: ignorance is not bliss

mostly true. if you can do your own fabrication work, a turbo setup is cheaper because you dont have to buy everything else that comes with the kits, since you can do it yourself. SC kits are expensive, well, cause they can be, same with turbo kits.

Roots/Twin Screw blowers have almost instantaneous boost, and depending on application, can fall off in terms of airflow up in the higher rpm's. Centrifugal type Superchargers are more like a turbo, but unlike a turbo that uses the exhaust to spin the turbine, centrifugals use a belt to drive the turbine, and usually build boost later in the rpm range. Both Centrifugal and Roots type superchargers take power to make power, but the loss is hardly worth mentioning as a con.

Turbochargers also are basically a exhaust restriction, they rely on exhaust pressure and heat to work, and improperly sizing a turbo to your needs/goals will work against you, finding the turbo setup that fits your goals will be more beneficial than one thats super big and flows an ungodly amount of air, but takes forever to spool and you have a 1-1.5k rpm of WOT powerband to play with before having to shift and lose all that momentum while waiting to re-spool.

right now turbos have more applications. You can remote fit a turbo in any car that has an exhaust system (so it basically means any internal combustion engine), though try to find sc kits for alot of niche cars are hit and miss. youll pretty much only see SC kits for the most popular of vehicles, and its alot easier to fab up a custom turbo kit on a specialty vehicle than a sc kit where you have to modify belt routes and custom brackets if the sc unit even fits in the engine bay in the first place. especially right now, turbo kit companies are rushing to provide kits to almost every vehicle, because there is such a demand for it.

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Re: ignorance is not bliss

They are both basically the same thing.

They use a fan (laymans terms) to blow air into the engine. More air = more power.

A turbo uses the Exhaust to spin the fan. A Supercharger uses a belt on the engine (like the alternator and water pump use) to spin the fan.

Once you understand it in simplistic terms, the more technical posts above will begin to provide alot of value.
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