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2014 Rear deck camera wiring schematic needed

I have a 2014 rear deck spoiler with a factory camera installed into it that I'm adding to my car. The car has a factory navigation and backing up sensors. I added a FORD LOCKPICKS Lockpick kit to the car and the installation was easy.
I bought an after market rear camera that I am not totally thrilled with so I found an new original rear spoiler that I'm installing on the car.
The problem that I have is the Lockpick http://coastaletech.com/media/New%20...structions.pdf only needs 4 wires to operate and the Ford camera has 6 wires 2 whites, 2 blacks, 1 red and 1 blue.
Does anyone has an idea how to wire the camera to using the four wire installation?

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I found this on one of the other forums because I am also very interested in doing the lockpick setup and getting a factory gt spoiler with camera. Hope it helps, if so let us know how it went.

I bought a costal products lockpick. Very easy install, around $300. That let's you override the nav in motion settings, passengers can watch movies in motion, and install a bunch of cameras, highly recommended.

I also picked up an oem new spoiler with factory camera off eBay for $196. Factory pigtail was $25.

There's only five wires you need off the pigtail. Two are white, that's camera pos/neg, then red/black are power/ground, the other black is a shield wire, blue isn't used.

Power/ground go to the lock picks backup camera positive and ground. The cameras positive/neg got attached to an RCA pigtail and again plugged into the lockpick unit. Shield wire connects to the shielded 18/4 (20ft was $12) and isn't connected to anything on the other end.

No splicing into the factory wiring at all. The lockpick activated the backup camera option.

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What you need:
Originally Posted by 8 pins spoiler cam

pin 1 = power 12v+ (red wire)
pin 2 = NOT USED (blue wire)
pin 3 = ground 12v- (black wire)
pin 4 = shield for video pair (black wire)

pin 5 =
pin 6 = video + (white wire)
pin 7 = video - (white wire)

pin 8 =

I did this project with out the Lockpick, by sending in my Nav unit to 4dtech.com to get it programmed.

See: How to: add a back up camera to stock Navigation Sync unit

its only $140 vs $280 for Lockpick
You have no radio for a week while you send off yours to get programmed.

Side note:

If I had access to an IDS system I think I could figure out how to program it myself. Basically, you need to find the VIN# of a car that has all of the same options as yours + it has back up camera (its ok if it has back up sensors too).

You can double check the options by going here:
replace the x with the actual vin#.

Then you can download the ACM build as data from Motorcraft's website here:
Motorcraft Technical Resource

Compare yours and the other cars it should be all the same except for probably one value.

Then program your car with the new ACM build as data. Write down / print out yours as back up, in case something goes wrong and you need to restore your old data.

I've been researching the ACM data and was considering putting together a database which shows you what to do / program for various options. ie: like adding a steering wheel with controls, you have to change section 01, row 2 to xxxx xxxx xxxx, etc.

Here's some extensive listing of ACM data from 2011-2012 cars:
2011-12 Mustang ACM section 1

I suspect this section represents the steering wheel. I base that on the fact that a Boss 302 and a Base V6 or GT have identical ACM data EXCEPT section 1. The only difference (audio) between a Boss 302 and a Base Mustang is the steering wheel.

Base (V6 or GT):

727-01-01 0044 D08B E4B3
727-01-02 0435

Premium (V6 or GT w/Shaker 500):

727-01-01 060C 908B 64C1
727-01-02 0C3D

Premium GT w/Shaker 1000 (confirmed only for 2012):

727-01-01 268C 908B 6461
727-01-02 0C3D

Boss 302:

727-01-01 0044 908B 64F3
727-01-02 0435

GT500 (2011):

727-01-01 2140 8C29 80C6
727-01-02 0888 C1

GT500 (2012):

727-01-01 2140 8C29 80C6
727-01-02 0888 C081

2011-12 Mustang ACM sections 2 and 3.

These sections were identical for every VIN checked, regardless of model.

727-02-01 2E5F
727-03-01 1446

2011-12 Mustang ACM sections 4 thru 7.

All except GT500:

727-04-01 0033
727-05-01 0007 2F57 5B1C
727-05-02 765B 572F 0793
727-06-01 000A 3335 5C03
727-06-02 645C 3533 0A68
727-07-01 000A 3335 5C04
727-07-02 645C 3533 0A69


727-04-01 0000 2D0C 1F8B
727-04-02 062D 67
727-05-01 1044
727-06-01 053A
727-07-01 0007 2F57 5B1E
727-07-02 76AD

2011-12 Mustang ACM section 8:

Base (V6 or GT) and Boss 302:

No section 8.

2011 Premium (V6 or GT):

727-08-01 080E 3C01 16A0
727-08-02 1F4B 697C 830A
727-08-03 0116 1F4B 09C3
727-08-04 0D32 7380 84F0
727-08-05 090D 3273 08FE
727-08-06 0E3C 6978 86ED

2012 Premium (V6 or GT):

727-08-01 8308 1A3C 021A
727-08-02 161F 4B4F 7C83
727-08-03 7002 161F 4B2B
727-08-04 0913 3373 807C
727-08-05 2109 1333 731E
727-08-06 081A 3C4F 7861

2011-12 Mustang ACM section 9:

Base (V6 or GT), Premium (V6 or GT) and Boss 302:

No section 9.


727-09-01 000A 3335 5C06
727-09-02 649D

2011-12 Mustang ACM section 10:

Base (V6 or GT), Premium (V6 or GT) and Boss 302:

No section 10.

2011 GT500:

727-10-01 080E 3C01 16A8
727-10-02 1F01 161F 4BE0
727-10-03 090D 090D 329F
727-10-04 7308 0ECB

2012 GT500:

727-10-01 081A 3C02 16B5
727-10-02 1F02 161F 4BE1
727-10-03 0913 0913 33AC
727-10-04 7308 1AD7
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Hey Resto,
Were you able to connect your OEM Spoiler Cam to the LockPick Unit, I have recently purchased a Spoiler Camera, along with a Pigtail to connect to the spoiler, and used 4 wires to run to the lock pick, using an RCA plug for the 2 white wires, unfortunately, everything except the camera is working, any information will be appreciated


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Greetings Kevin,

I followed the information you used on installing your OEM Spoiler Cam to the LockPick, but am lost on where you installed the shield black wire to, Have got everything to work except the camera. Is there a particular type of RCA Pigtail that you used, also, did you set your camera up as a factory camera, or an after market camera.

Any Information will be appreciated,


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