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question about transmission fluid

im about to change my tranny fluid with royal purple on my 08 manuel gt. my questions are how many quarts do i need and how do i go about changeing it. ive never dont it before.
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Thread is about to be hijacked... No worries tho Wesley snipes is on board, he will get it back on track...
I have 65k on my car... 30k tune up was not done, and now I need to do the 60k ... car was purchased new w right at 30k

What all would you all recommend I change out to new?

Trans is manual... op if you are manual then unless you want to build a devise to get new fluid in there u should have a shop do it.. I too am on the fence about what fluid to go with...

Do I need to change plugs? If so I'll proly stick w OEM unless you all give proven better alternative.. what about injectors?
brakes an rotors I take it...
Cabin filter?
fuel filter?
should I run something through the motor to clean it out? (I've heard good an bad on that too)

thank you and have a nice day... snipes just round housed me in the ear/jaw area... you can have your thread back
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OP, changing you trans oil seems to be pretty simple, but I haven't done it yet. Jack it up, drain it etc. getting the new oil seems complicated, but apparently you can rig some plastic tubing to get the new fluid in. Seems like its very doable.

Silver, def change the fuel filter, pretty easy and cheap, just a PITA since Ford tried to make it so you have to get a special tool. For sure the plugs as well, just take your time and use a LOT of PB blaster. If those stupid things break...

I'd just clean the injectors. Doubtful that you would need new ones. I haven't changed my cabin filter yet, but what the hell, since you already started the party... Why not?

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Oh sorry, meant to include OEM on the filters, Champion for the plugs and if you are doing brakes, I'd do drilled and slotted rotors with the hawk performance pads.
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Re: question about transmission fluid

OP - It's a straightforward job:

You will need about 3-1/2 quarts of tranny fluid, a 3/8 ratchet and short extension, oil drain pan and I recommend a gallon container (plastic milk carton with the top cut off will work), fluid transfer pump or 3/8 inch ID tubing (about 3 feet).

1. Place the car on jack stands.
2. Remove the FILL PLUG on the upper passenger side of the tranny using the 3/8 ratchet and short extension.
3. This next step can get really messy if you're not prepared to capture the old tranny fluid. Place the drain pan directly under the DRAIN PLUG and - using the 3/8 ratchet - remove the plug. The old fluid with come pouring out really fast because the plug is at the bottom of the tranny and gravity will make the fluid rush out with a vengence. I used the gallon milk carton and held it close to the plug to keep the fluid contained.
4. Re-install the DRAIN PLUG.
5. Refill the tranny with fluid using a transfer pump - OR - from inside the car, remove the shifter boot and wiggle the 3/8 inch ID hose down to the fill hole in the tranny and squeeze the fluid until the tranny is full. Ford recommends fluid to 1/2 inch of the fill hole but Tremec recommends fluid to the top of the fill hole. Take your pick, I think either one is okay.
6. Re-install the FILL PLUG.
7. Clean up the transmission casing and ensure both plugs are secure.
8. Remove the jack stands, start the car and run through the gears.
9. Turn off the car and check for leaks.
10. Done!

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