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1979 cobra

hi im borrowing my friends 1979 cobra(GIAH?) he just bought ($1900 for only 73K miles is a ****ing steal imo) for a little bit while he saves some money for some restoration work and he has asked me to take a look at a few things for him while i have it, just trouble shooting some things im fairly sure about but id like some professional advice on seeing as how it isnt my car. Also i know about dick when it comes cobras before 1989,and i feel interested in knowing some cool information about them if you have any

first off is the steering. There is some play in the wheel but not to much, it wont wander unless you are going around 60 and let go of the wheel. im thinking the rack/box/column/whatever needs a bit of tightening, i wiggled the wheel when it was off the ground and it takes all the force from my 130 pound frame to get the wheel to jiggle even a little so im fairly sure the bearings are good, anyone have a good idea on how to check the tie rods? one of them looks like it is sitting loose or maybe even not sitting right at all.

oh Lord the hole in his res. chamber is big enough to fit my head in and there are 2 other little holes between the cat and manifold where most of the exhaust seems to be escaping from, when i get under it i feel almost no exhaust coming from the giant hole in the muffler,im showing him this thread later so if someone can also explain he can keep the Y pipe for sleeper status and have it be as fast as it would be with 2 and 1/2-3' pipes thatd be awesome(has headers to be installed too)

General info
all i really know about his car is its not shelby, just looking for some information like how many were made what sub model it SHOULD be (blue with the rare metric wheels and the fauxe scoop on the hood) what could he sell it for realistically if he restored it. It has (supposedly) the original 5.0 that came in it just beefed up a bit, to bad it isnt the turbo 4cyl =( from what i can see it has an MSD condenser everything ells and i would just be guessing. Supposedly has a shift kit, i could seriously see this thing having enough power to cock the right front wheel off the ground shifting from 1 to 2 if he got the exhaust fixed. how much could he sell it for if he 100% restored it to stock, when he first got it he has his mom look up the vins and they all match and the blue book was 17K in "good" condition (doubt it)

thanks a bunch
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i usually. check tie rods as you did. if there isnt much movement in the tire they are probably ok. you can also unbolt it and see how it feels. it it is super sloppy then it needs replaced. but either way if they are old it never hurts to just replace them as they are pretty cheap and easy to install.

as for the steering you are in the right direction. also check the steering shaft. they have been known to get some play in them.
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