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Does he like me or not?

ok this is going to be long, well i have known this guy ever since 4th grade, and i have liked him since 6th grade( i am in 9th grade now) i am not sure if he likes me. He always seems to notice me in crowds, or at school. it wasn't till recently that i started actually talking to him. he would occasionally come up and talk to me as he rode by on his bike but he would leave soon after. he did this for the longest time until one night we got to talking, and i invited him into my garage, where i showed him my almost restored 1965 fastback mustang. we sat in the cars front seats from 7:30 to 8:30pm, then we went to his garage and talked till 1:00 in the morning. it all seemed friendly, accept for the occasional lookes he gave me. the next day my friends and i desided to text him on a phone number he didn't have so he didn't know who it was. it was supposed to be a joke to see if he could find out if it was me and my friends or not, but one of my friends has a huge crush on him too and she would not stop texting him even though he didn't respond half the time. it rreally started to annoy me. i talked to him a day later and he told me he was going to watch my soccer practice. he ended up walking me home and we talked until he disided to go in and eat. later we texted him and he ended up finding out that it was me, he simple said "oh sweet" that was pretty much it it, the next day i asked him to ask me a question and he jokingly asked if i looked good naked. i said i dont know and then asked him if i looked good dressed, he said ya, then i returend the question to him with a smily face, he said he didn't know, and what did i think, i said you can come over and i will tell you. he said he couldn't, because he was gone somewhere. then he asked me if i liked him and i said ya have you noticed, i asked him and he said he only liked me as a friend. he also said that he din't like anybody at the moment, so i din't understand why he wouldn't want to go out with me. i am dissapointed.

this is pretty much my story, but i don't know if i should talk to him or ignore him. it kind of seems like he is shy to admit that he likes me but i don't know why he would be. could some guiness help me, i am confused, and my friend isn't making it any better with her obsession over him. maybe my friend scared him off with her weird actions. i dont know what i should do.
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Does he like me or not?

Well shy guys usually don't say anything. Shy guys don't even say they like you as just a friend. He's made it clear that you should move on. To you, its romance. To him, it's just a sport. It's flirting.
I don't think your friend scared him off of you. Maybe scared him from being with her but how does she scare him to not want to date you? He doesn't like you. It's unhealthy and creepy to obsess over it because he's made it pretty clear. Now it's your turn to get over it and like him as a mere friend.
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