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Cars essay help?

Im writing a school essay and i need help with 3 types of cars, these are in the 1960's cars, i need a paragraph for each or some ideas please help its very hard for me. The cars are:

Cheverlot Camero,
Muscle Cars,
Buick Riviera

and please help! here is my begining introduction if it helps you guyss! thanks!

The 1960's really started a new rage in American cars. Three of the most important cars in 1960's were Cheverlot Camero, the Muscle Cars, and the Buick Riviera. The American Cheverlot Camero was first displayed in 1967. The car was to be General Motors in the compitition against Ford's Mustang. The Muscle cars had more powerful engine than a normal car, and it was every young man's dream to own one! The Burick Rivera included hazard flashing lights and a 360 HP V8 engine. It was introduced in 1967, the same year when the Cheverlot Camero car was made. The 1960's cars were very important at that time because they brought new technologies for America.
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Cars essay help?

An automotive revolution teamed up with an equally strong marketing revolution for major auto makers to produce the "Muscle Car": iron horses of impressive looks and power that were hot rod ready, rolling off assembly lines.

The "Big 3" competitive automakers, Chevy, Ford and GM aimed their marketing on young men, appealing to their sense of masculinity with powerhorses like Mustang, Camaro, Corvettes and Trans-Am---all loaded with powerful big block engines. Engineering modifications focused not only on these strong engines, but also on stronger brakes and hydraulic braking systems.

But make no mistake: these bad boy toys were make to feed the need for speed, while being easy on the eyes. Bottom line: they were fast "chick magnet" cars that made the guys driving them feel like men.

Bucket seats called for stronger seat belts--that eventually evolved into the shoulder / lap belt, but it took a horrific racing accident involving race car legend Richard Petty to introduce safety glass in automobiles.

Buick's introduction of the Rivera inculded the flashing "hazard" lights, likely due because even though it didn't look like a hot street racer, the car didn't carry a slouch of an engine.

Many feel Buick's Rivera line introduced the era of the gas guzzling big blocker, heavily pursued by luxury car models like Cadilliac--whose cars featured whiz bang power windows and mirrors, cruise control and even automatic headlight bright / dimmer switching.

The 1960s were heady days for The Big 3, each frantically cranking out sleeker, faster and advanced car lines aimed at outdoing their competitors. Hot rockets evolved into luxury big blocker strong--ever thirsty for gas, all aiming for the young and wealthy; little if any emphasis on the common driver.

But that all changed in the early 1970s, when a purported oil crisis brought the freewheeling 60s to a slam braking halt. THEN the common driver got some notice, as The Big 3 had to crank out smaller, gas friendly "economy" cars. Didn't help matters much that Japan entered the car sales game.....or did it???

And now, today--as we face yet another major oil crisis--we not only see whiz bang techonologies like air bags, on-board GPS and DVD entertainment and On-Star services in even common vehicles, the Big 3 once again have challenges to meet. They face having to make even better gas friendly vehicles---some of which can be co-powered by "alternative" fuel means.

And eventually, automobile evolution will have no other choice but to make the Internal Combustion Engine a dinosaur of the past.
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