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Clutch and Aluminum Flyweel

I recently had a Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch installed by a Ford Mechanic/Mustang Enthusiast. He told me everything installed smoothly.

With that said... I've noticed a few differences:

1). The engagement position of the clutch feels much higher than it used to. I have to release the clutch pedal from the floor about 2 inches until it grabs. This doesn't bother me a whole lot cause I now only have to push in the clutch only an inch or so in order to engage. This works well for quick shifting. Since the engagement is so high up... I just have a small concern that the clutch is always engaging slightly when the pedal is up. However... I'm pretty sure I would feel that happening ... Right? I looked into adjusting the clutch quadrant teeth engagement.... But from what I've read... The only way I can adjust it would be opposite of what I'd like to do; it would put the engagement even higher (towards my seat). I followed the instructions to auto adjust the clutch (stated in the manual) but it seems to already be at its happy position. I know I could get an adjustable Clutch cable... But I still question why the position adjusted in the first place ???

2). When the clutch does grab... It wants to bog out fairly quickly. I'm chalking this up to the lighter flywheel installation. Any disagreement?

3). Sometimes moving at a snails pace in 1st or 2nd gear... I can hear an odd vibration or rattle... It seems to only do it when the clutch is engaged. However... I have heard a similar sound when at a stop and in neutral (no clutch)... And when I rev the rpms and let them fall... The sound sometimes happens close to idle

I'm probably over thinking all of this... But I'd rather be safe than sorry

Thanks for taking the time in reading this.
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SpectorV wrote this below, which has info on how to adjust your clutch cable if you have the factory setup...

Shared post from 'Mustang Evolution' by SpectorV from thread 'Clutch adjuster info...':

if your cable is 100% stock and never replaced you should notice a little difference in going with a new cable (you can just buy an OEM ford one).

You should notice your clutch petal has a flop in it (not firm and you can lift up under the bottom of it). In order to adjust it the way I said it needs to be you have to take all the slack out of it due to the cable being how long it is.

You can have the stock quadrant do this for you and it MAY hold. Mine has for 3 years, if you shift very hard or touch the underside of the clutch petal and raise it up it will unadjust.

Crawl under the drivers side dash upside down and push the clutch petal i with one hand and hold the quadrant with the other hand. Ease out on the clutch petal while keeping pressure on the clutch petal as the clutch nears its all the way out level you will hear a noticeable click. Thats it taking up slack, do like 2 clicks and see how it feels. Test to make sure you didnt take up to much slick as I mentioned above.

this is kind also how you readjust the quadrant if you replace the clutch cable (which is quite easy)
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