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2002 Mustang problems:?

So, we bought my Mustang and it is being financed (paid off in payments).
The first year, the Mustang ran great - no issues with electrics, gas, oil, etc.
I have taken REALLY good care of the car - we put a new brake system on it, a new battery, etc.
However, the past 3 months the car has just broke down in an awful way, and I'm unsure why.
For example, at first, the left side window quite rolling down. Then, the left side of the car's blinker stopped working. Whenever I would turn on the blinker, it would just make an annoying buzzing sound and the light would not even come on for it.
The right blinker works just fine and makes the typical "click, click, click" sound, as well as the light comes on.
Then, the sunroof stops working - it would roll back more whenever I hit the button, but when I hit the button to close the sunroof, it wouldn't move a budge. We had to manually close it and so now it doesn't work at all, along with the left window.
Finally, a week ago, my whole left side of my car's taillight stopped working - the brake light is out, the taillight on the left side, and the blinker on the left side still does not work. So, typically, I changed the bulbs in the rear tail lights, thinking maybe all it needed was a new bulb. Once I changed the bulb, the taillight and brake light still did not work, nor the blinker. Basically, my whole left tail light is completely out.

Why is this happening? What can I do? And is this typical issues of having a Ford Mustang?
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2002 Mustang problems:?

The window problem happens pretty often from what I hear from other Mustang owners. My passenger window on my 2002 squeaks and goes down unevenly when I try to open it, same closing it. The windows in my brother's '96 completely stopped working. He told me to regularly open and close the windows to prevent the issue from occurring.

Sounds like an electrical problem, which explains issues with the lights, window, and sunroof. You should bring it to a reliable mechanic (or even Ford if you can afford dealer pricing) and have them figure out the issue for you. Of all of the Mustang owners I know (quite a few - most with 99-04), very few run into problems with their cars. So this isn't typical of Mustangs, just kinda bad luck on your part. But it's not horrible or impossible to fix. Just take it to someone who knows what they're doing.

I've never heard of nor have I ever seen a Mustang with a sunroof. I did some research and apparently some have aftermarket sunroofs installed. That could be your culprit as far as the electrical problems. If someone did a sloppy job installing it, they could've messed something up which is causing your problems now.
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2002 Mustang problems:?

Just maintenance on a 9 year old car, did you recently install a stereo? if done wrong can cause lots of problems..check the fuses and flasher..
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2002 Mustang problems:?

Ford are prne to have problems. especially elctrical
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