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RPM question

So something I've always wondered is, is there a certain RPM in which you'll get the best gas mileage or does it vary from car to car?? This may be a completely idiotic question. Thanks ahead for your responses

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Keep it under 2000 rpm's and shifting at 2000 rpm's will get you the best Milage.

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Good question!

The RPM's that will achieve the best economy varies from vehicle to vehicle, but cars of similar weight and engine size, typically, will get the best mileage at the same RPMs as one another.
(Did that make any sense?)

To simplify that, most vehicles that have V8 engines seem to get the best mileage at around 2000 rpm's, at freeway speeds. Which is how the auto manufacturers set up the vehicles... 2000ish RPM's at 70ish mph.
4 cylinder vehicles typically cruise at a higher RPM to achieve the best fuel economy.
There are a number of factors in determining fuel consumption but it is the engines ability to produce enough power, to do the required amount of work, at a certain RPM, that will determine the peak efficiency.

The auto manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the ever tightening CAFE standards, so it is a safe bet that all of the late model cars are geared to achieve maximum fuel economy at freeway speeds. Whatever RPM that may be.
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I shift around 1500 and keep it between 1500-2k in 5th gear. And that was text book definition but made perfect sense, thanks guys!

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ive heard you dont want to go too low either. accelerating at 1krpm after a shift, im told is not good for the bearing. If your interested enought, get a bluetooth obdII device, and buy an app called dashcommand (assuming you have a smartphone). when you enter your cars info, it gives you a reading on your fuel mileage. whether or not it is accurate, it will still give you an idea of how much fuel output is happening, and the difference in throttle at different rpms.
Theres a pretty happy medium you want to stick to when driving. its just about rpm, or just throttle, or just shift points, its about utilizing all three. in 4th gear, at 35mph cruising, it would say im getting like 19 to 21 mpg, (not positive, but relatively speaking) but if i speed up to 45mph, i would be getting a little better, like 24 to 26 (again, relatively speaking).

at the same time, if you are in overdrive, and at 1.4krpm and then pushing the gas down, you might see a drop from 26mpg to 20 mpg, but you will be at 20mpg for a long time. but if you downshift to 4th, speed up at about 12 to 15 mpg for a few seconds, then back into overdive, you will be at your desired speed faster, and back to saving gas cruising.

also make sure if you use an app, to watch your throttle percentage. (mine starts at like 16% throttle with my foot off the gas (just the reading from the tps, it wont tell me 0 even with the engine off) as you push the throttle, you see that percentage go up, and its helpful to take notice of that number, because you can train yourself to hold it at the lowest percentage to maintain speed. 1% too high will be "accelerating" but only increasing by 1mph per 5 or 6 seconds, but your fuel mileage will drop.

hope all that wasnt confusing...

once you wasted enough time trying to maximize your fuel economy using an app to train yourself to squeeze all you can out of a mustang, then you will have a better understanding of it all, and can easily go back to driving without it.
and a final note, The gas that you do save in a mustang has nothing on a little economy car. so at the end of the day, you may wanna just spend a couple extra bucks per tank and just enjoy the ride. but this can be pretty helpful for a long road trip.
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