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Clutch Pedal Vibration Problems tried everything!!!

Well after everything I've been through with this darn thing I feel like its time to start a new dedicated thread, if not just to help others in the future that might be experiencing the same problems. Just trying to sum things up so it's a little easier to understand.

So first of all I decided I would throw in a new clutch because I had a week off of classes and my current clutch wasn't very smooth anymore; felt grainy... 3 months later....

I started off by throwing an Exedy Mach 400 clutch kit in, and a resurfaced flywheel along with ford racing bearings. Got it all done in a couple of hours easy peasy. Went to start it up and the clutch pedal had a awful vibration. Decided to disassemble it to find the problem. Turned out a friend of mine had installed the throw out bearing wrong, fixed that and threw it all back together again. Same thing. I ordered a maxim motorsports adjuster, quadrant, and cable and tried adjusting it all over the place. Same thing. At this point I decided it might just need broken in more so I drove about 550 miles and after a very spirited rage pull out of frustration, the clutch fork fell off place on the pivot ball, I had to get under it and push it up back in place. This happened 2 more times when I was in the higher rpms. Tore it apart again to see what's wrong.

I took the flywheel and pressure plate off and double checked the torque on those, I had it way over torqued.. Guess that's what happens when you don't look closely on a forum thread after a quick google search.. Some Camaro owner on threads trolling with torque specs and I'm dumb enough to fall for it. Oh well. Changed the torque to 24 pressure plate, 59 flywheel and threw it all together, same thing. This time while I had it apart I replaced the clutch fork, pivot ball, new pressure plate and flywheel bolts, and a new throw out bearing. All of these were oem straight from my local ford dealer. Paid an arm and a leg for all that. Same problem.

AGAIN I had it apart and decided to get a whole new Exedy clutch kit after finding the pressure plate fingers on this kit were not sitting completely even. Put this new kit in, and it was much better than the first, but still was noticeable. I drove for about 100 miles and it noticed the clutch pedal vibration got much worse when everything was warmed up. But cold it wasn't bad. Here's a couple of audio clips when the car was cold and then warmed up (driving for an hour).

Cold -

Warm -

100 miles on the second Exedy clutch I decide to tear it apart... Again. Bought a cheap *** flywheel for 100$ and bolted the Exedy kit up to it and the fingers sat exactly the same as they did on the original flywheel. So I bought a 3rd kit...

Decided to try a different brand and went with McLeod. This kits fingers were designed very similar to the stock valeo pressure plate and the fingers on the McLeod were also made by valeoClick image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByMustang Evolution1436973291.425137.jpg
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I had about 3 pilot bearings laying around at this point so I decided to throw another one in because I had installed and removed the transmission so much. Got the pilot out by the bread method and inspecting the inside of the crank, my girlfriends dad was over helping remove the stock pilot with a grinder awhile back on the first install... He removed and installed the new pilot so I wasn't under there at all. It looks like he got some of the crank with the grinder....Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByMustang Evolution1436973638.442991.jpg
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I was assured by you guys on here and I talked to some mechanics also and everyone seemed to think that wouldn't cause any issues. So I went on twitch the new flywheel and McLeod kit install.
Torqued this one down to mcleods specs also in a cross cross pattern on the brand new flywheel. The fingers still weren't perfectly even..
Fingers do the same thing that the exedy kits were. Held a flat piece of a steel grinder up and you can see the wobble.

And here is the stock pressure plate and clutch on the stock resurfaced flywheel. Sits solid...

So now I've got everything in. Besides the vibrating pedal, On clutch engagement I get some wobble (chatter?) guessing due to a brand new flywheel this clutch has to wear into but the old Exedy kits I tried on the stock resurfaced flywheel never had this wobble issue on engagement. I also noticed some throw out bearing whine so I adjusted the cable a little tighter and it went away. Also, I have never to noticed this symptom till now, when lugging the car in a higher gear at low rpms and accelerate a bit, there is a grinding sound that comes from the shifter area when you're on the throttle. Never noticed until now.

Here is a couple of videos of the current setup. You can see the clutch fork vibrating fairly bad and then get smooth further Into the engagement. Again, I've tried moving the adjuster all over the place. Tighter helps but still bad.

I feel like I'm beating a dead horse at this point but if anybody has ANY ideas whatsoever feel free to chime in. It's got to be something

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If anyone can post videos of their clutch fork with the car running that would be great! I want to compare the vibration with mine. Does anyone's fork not vibrate at all when the clutch is out??? If I can remember right, my stock setup even shaked the fork with the clutch out

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