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Old 02-21-2010, 01:16 AM   #1
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Question Mustang for Me, a dream shattered?

Hey all! There is a lot to say but its important to know the whole situation and would be greatful to get some suggestions.

I'm in my early 20's and the last 6 years and counting my dream car has been a Ford Mustang. To most cars on the road it just doesn't compare. I have always thought about getting one until this Winter..

I live in Chicago weather which can be brutal sometimes. Just a few weeks ago I was driving a FWD car and (no matter what type) it was my fault, I misjudged a turn I didn't know that was there and also foolishly accelerated while overturning and had the car go straight above a curve and the front wheels got caught in snow. I have been driving for a while and for the most part know what I'm doing. I learned a good lesson and hopefully will never have that happen again. (The car wasn't damaged perfectly fine, so it wasn't that extreme). It did shake me up quite a bit, but I'm gaining my driving confidence again.

Anyways, ever since then.. I have done a lot of research on winter driving and came to a conclusion that people say that Mustangs are one of the worst to drive in the winter and RWD is even worse than FWD. I really don't want to believe this, but I sadly have looked at other cars like Honda Civic, Dodge Caliber, Ford Focus and a few others. Also some people say it has a lot of torgue so it would be bad in the snow/ice.

I really want to keep the dream of a Mustang alive.. I am buying used and most Mustangs are a lot cheaper than the cars I am looking at above! for just purchasing not including insurance.

My one solution right now is put some snow tires when the weather start gets in its snow mood for a few months, but I still don't know how it will do? I am going to try and learn, but is it hard to change tires yourself and how long does it take?

I am not really fond of the idea of putting sand in the trunk which I have read about, but trying my best to come up with something.
I'm curious what some other options.
But it makes me nervous that RWD can swerve the car from behind and FWD I read can't do that. So, how are they different when your car skids in the winter? Maybe someone can explain some advice too about this. I know I should really know hah I have a good idea for FWD but not RWD

I appreciate any help I can get, thanks!
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Re: Mustang for Me, a dream shattered?

well the best answer is to save up so you can have a mustang and another beater car to drive in the winter... thats what I do. It will cost more but in the end you will have a car that looks better for longer, more fun to enjoy as its mostly always clean (only drive when its nice out) and so forth. Winter up north sucks bad as you basically lose a ton of driving time but thats the price you pay for living there
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Re: Mustang for Me, a dream shattered?

Exactly. The way to go is have a winter car to drive. And then you also don't have to worry about the salt eating away at your car. You can talk to another member of the site named jimmybeaner. Is he drove his car in the winter for several years in iwoa.

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Re: Mustang for Me, a dream shattered?

I drive mine in the snow. We had a bad snow storm I drove it about 50 miles at 20 mph. I slid quite a bit but I was also trying to have fun and I normally know what my car will do in the snow. So mustangs in snow not the best but not impossible.
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Re: Mustang for Me, a dream shattered?

I drove mine for a year in high school during was a long winter. Honestly, it really isn't that bad if you're well prepared, both with the car and mentally.

Proper snow tires, etc: Blizzak, Continentals, any serious winter tire will be could get extreme and get them studded if offered, but I don't think you have to up here. Just make sure to get winter tires for all 4 will have a hard time turning if you leave the front tires stock.

Weight in the trunk is key to having traction. Sandbags, cement bags, anything with a considerable amount of weight over the axle will be good. Hell, I have a package of shingles in my trunk right now if I need to take it out, lol. Sand is the best option, since then you can use it to gain traction if you get stuck.

One thing to remember, if you buy a v6, it won't come with positive traction (lsd, posi). Only your right rear wheel will spin if the left wheel has some sort of grip...that can be a pain in the snow. Usually it isn't a problem if someone else is there to push the car, but alone it sucks because you don't have full traction with 2 wheels pushing. You may want to consider getting a tlok (limited slip differential) installed. It is a big performance improvement on dry pavement, so it's not a terrible thing to have done.

Sometimes a manual car can be better in the winter...more control of the car thru the clutch can get you out of being stuck quicker than with an suggested above, PM Jimmy_Beaner, he drove his 5spd GT in Iowa's winters for a while...never had any problems that I know of.

In addition to having the car properly prepared for the weather, you also have to ready. Don't drive irresponsibly or wrecklessly. The car will do fine if you don't have a lead foot around turns or when backing up. Go easy around turns and coast mid turn, then apply light gas when completing the turn into the straight. If the rear decides to kick out, don't slam on the brakes...that will only make it worse, let off the gas and correct the car. There is always the chance of having an accident during winter, no matter what you drive...I saw several SUV's in the ditch as I drove to school in my RWD mustang.

Personally, I'd do as the others have said and save up and buy a winter car and then the'll be less headache, be better for the car, and give you more peace of mind. But if you can't do that and really want a mustang and are confident in driving it in the winter, then go for the mustang, it is possible to drive it in the winter.

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Re: Mustang for Me, a dream shattered?

It's also nice just to have a beater to get to & from the grocery store, experiment on, etc. I'd buy like a cheap something to just get you where your going save the Mustang for pleasure. You will like it even more that way.
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Re: Mustang for Me, a dream shattered?

mustang in the snow..hmm. dangerous...yet very fun

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Re: Mustang for Me, a dream shattered?

depends on the snow too. my general rule was - if i can get the stang out of the parking spot, i can handle it (dangerous, but doable). but if i struggled to get out of the parking lot, i just took the keys out of the ignition and went back inside lol. seriously, anything more than a few inches means i couldnt even go anywhere. when i was up in PA, that meant that my car would sit there from about december until february.

this car, on the other hand, handles like a champ in the snow. weird part is, i heard from a few people that it is NOT a good car in the snow. so maybe the mustang is just that bad - or those people dont know what they are talking about haha.

so, if you think snow is going to be an obstacle, i would recommend a FWD car. but, if you think you can manage (or take a bus when it snows, or car pool, etc), go for the stang. in fact, if its your dream, maybe just say f it and get the stang. when the snow comes, youll figure something out.

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Re: Mustang for Me, a dream shattered?

Don't be afraid of snow just break really early stay about 3 to 4 car lengths behid and if the *** end goes left steer right if the *** end goes right steer left never slam on the brakes. If you do that you will be fine.
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Re: Mustang for Me, a dream shattered?

Snow sucks... good tires help, but if you're on summer tires don't even try.

If you do get one, pick up a cheap set of sixxer wheels and throw the skinniest snow tires you can fit on them.

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Re: Mustang for Me, a dream shattered?

Everyone in my family said the same thing, that driving a mustang in the winter up here in Chicago will suck. They made a bigger deal then what it really was. The way they made it sound was that my car wasn't going to move in the snow. Granted my mustang is a V6 with a little less TQ and HP. But as long a you take your time and aren't driving crazy fast then it is not bad. This winter I never spun out because of snow or ice, I got sideways on my own will but not of the weather. Like Upton said brake early and stay well behind of other people. I say shoot for your dreams and don't listen to who is telling you this. I did that and I enjoy every second of my mustang except when it is dirty.
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Re: Mustang for Me, a dream shattered?

Shaundra doesnt even know what snow is.Im from Illinois and have family (sister,brother and Dad) in Chicago still.As said earlier....GET A BEATER for 500 bones (my 89 escort was 300 bucks) and park your dream car,after all you wouldnt want to drive something that you have worked your tail off for on those salty winter roads now would ya?
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Re: Mustang for Me, a dream shattered?

Having grown up in Philly and Eastern PA. My first car was a 1970 Mach and it actually was fine in the snow,once i put the stock rims and rubber on. I now live in Tennessee and have not had the pleasure of attempting to drive my new stang in the snow, My wife has a 10 v6 that she actually drove during our big snow here this winter (9 inches is a lot of snow here) she made it 21.5 miles home, ALMOST made it home.. 1/2 mile short. she got stuck on a very steep hill and only cause some boozo stopped! so as with any car/truck/suv if ya know your cars limitations and capabilities you can drive it almost anywhere. IMHO..

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Re: Mustang for Me, a dream shattered?

Couple of years ago I had 07 GT auto, that I drove all winter, (Maine) on the
all seasons that came on it. Granted I did'nt navigate any blizzards, but I
put 3 50lb bags of sand in trunk (sheet of heavy plastic underneath) and
did OK. Had posi too. Studded will make a big diference. Used to drive
muscle cars (in the day) all winter with them. FWD's not all it's cracked up
to be, in heavy snow & slush. Most people around here, with FWD run 4
studded. In heavy slush (or snow) FWD has a tendency to pull to left. under
power. We usually have half dozen fatalities in winter, due to cars sliding
across the centerline in snow or slush. As someone said, know yours & cars
limitations. You may think you know it all, but your car can prove you wrong.
As for my current ride, do not attempt winter driving 08 GT500 vert.
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