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Big problem-easy find, small problem-hard to find

Well I just spent the last 10 days putting my motor in and trying to get it running 100 percent. I encounter a few small problems that were the biggest pain to find. So I thought I'd post this for future reference for anyone that may encounter this. Anyone else with other tips or fixes please feel free to post.

Let's start here, BIG PROBLEM, engine knocking- FIX: engine rebuilder

Now to the small problems. The most annoying.
After me and my friends spent an all nighter putting the engine and tranny back in, the car would not start. This was our first attempt at this project. We could not get the car to start. The car would crank and it would sound smooth but just would start. Tried another battery. Tried pushing it and popping the clutch in second gear. No luck.
FIX: I realized that I did not ground the block with the ground strap. So I got a new one and put it on the passengers side of the car with could possibly be leading to another problem.

So after being exited to finally start the car and listen to those new cams, those hopes went down when I heard a loud screeching coming from then front from a pulley. At first I thought it was the harmonic balancer because I had installed a new professional product damper. So I pulled it off and put my stock one back on. Problem not solved. Check all my pulleys an they moved freely. So I went and got a new power steering pump. Still no luck.
FIX: So then I finally bleed the pump for air and the noise comes down a notch. I oil the belt and the noise comes down a bit more. Then I realized that I need a shorter belt since I had put a smaller pulley on the supercharger. This was just me not thinking.

After driving the car for 3 days about 160 miles, so I went to work and could not start my car. The starter would Just click. So i just pushed my car jumped it and popped the clutch. Was thinking I had a bad starter since I'm on my 3 autozone starter this year on this car. on my way home from work radio lose bass. Then it shuts off. I have an after market radio and took it off to paint my dash. So I thought it was just a lose connection. About three blocks down the road my car dies and nothing will work meaning the battery was drained. Went to auto the gave me a new battery. Put it back in and starter would not start. I thought this would fix it because when the starter clicks it means not enough voltage. So I push start it and take the car home running on battery only. I take the alternator to autozone to test it because the battery was reading 12.3 with the car on. So the guy there had trouble putting the alternator on the machine. After a few minutes he gets it in there and pushes test. Two seconds later it say fail without spinning the alternator so I buy a new one. 234 bucks for a it. It hurt but if the car needs it I have to buy it. Put it in the car and same problems. The alternator is not charging the battery. So I'm not sure maybe the starter is busted and daring the battery or not letting the car properly ground so I take the alternator and starter to get tested at another autozone. They both test good but they gave me a new starter because the contact were loose and I told him my situation at the other store and he told me that the other that tested my alternator had not done the test properly just to sell me the new alternator. So he exchanged it for me but told me to speak to the store manager. I went to that other store and talk to the manager. He agreed with the other store and he said he would refund me with the the alternator money and core fee. And that he would give me a discount on parts for my experience. Which I thought was fair enough. Back to the issue. Put those back in and it did not solve anything.
FIX: I connected a ground strap from the negative battery post to the block and sure enough the car started and battery reads at 13.8 volts or more now. I'm guessing that the problem is that I need to ground the block somewhere else so I'm going to do that next because I'm not sure how safe it is to ground the block with the battery.

These problem were small but hard to find out what was causing it. They were annoying but owning a 450rwhp mustang is worth it.
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