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What should do?

I was having a problem with my car also. it was not a major problem till I brought it to them. to begin with, i have a 2002 ford mustang. When i got it, it was running great. i had it for 2 years and everything was great.... i always got my regular tune ups and oil changes. i did everything in my power to keep the car on point. it wasn't till mid June of 2007 that i wasn't able to get my routine check up cause i wasn't able to find a job for a while..... that's when the problem started for the car. Around October, my mustang started making weird nose when ever i tried to press the gas. It seems like it didn't want to go immediately when i pressed the gas. the car was still fine it still was able to drive. Everybody that rode in the car couldn't tell something was wrong with it. But it was my car and just like a mother a can tell when something is wrong with my baby.(car). i didn't have the fund to get it checked out professionally so i let a private mechanic look at it. he said he did a complete computer check and there was nothing wrong with it, but he did notice a small hole in the exhaust system and that might be what i was feeling. he also said that it's not a major problem, and he can fix it. i told him i don't have the money right now and I値l get back to him.... well he was right, the problem didn't get worst or anything but it was really bothering me. So when i finally got some money, i went to a professional and told them the problem and they said they'll check for me.... when he checked he said it was a problem with something else and it wasn't the exhaust system. He sounded very sure of himself and he even swear up and down that what he was going to fix was what created the problem, so i said if he's sure, then go ahead and do what ever it might take, and paid the money( 575)

so he went ahead and changed what ever he said he would change. he called me to come pick up the car. so i went and picked it up and did a test drive. when i drove it, it was worst them before, he was trying to explain that he needed to buy another part and it'll complete the prob. once again he sweared up and down that it'll fix the problem. so i said if it doesn稚 I知 not paying anymore money. he said okay. so now it was day two, and he said that it wasn't the fix for the problem. he even said he forgot to call to tell me that he's going to do a complete tune-up. (unauthorized) so on day two he said he'll have to start all over and try everything again. so this goes into day three, he said he was going to call me to tell me the results, I waited and waited. till i couldn't wait anymore. so before they closed i called him, he said he'll have to get back to me cause he still don't know what could be wrong. this went on for three more days of him not calling and letting me know. on the 6th day i called him and he said he's going to let someone that knows about ford come in and look at it. not an employee of his. so the other guy said it's a problem with the engine head and it needs to be replaced. i was already upset cause of the bad service and thought it was another way to get more money from me, so i said just give me the car and I値l take it to the ford shop.
On the seventh day i finally went to go get the car. when i went, to pick it up they started the car and it wasn't able to start. they had to use jumper cables to start it. so when they finally started it, it sounded terrible. it kept back firing, it was barely able to stay on. he said it's the head and i need to pay for it to fix it. i said you lost my trust I値l need my money back so can have ford look at it, he said no, he's keeping it for the labor and the time the car was there. i took the car and tried to take it home, i pressed the gas and wasn't able to move no more the 15mph.

I don't know what to do. i believe i would have a case against them but not sure if i should get a lawyer involved or take it to small case. the car is unable to drive. that was my only means of transportation and i can't afford a new car right now. now i have to ride the bus everyday. I知 pissed and confused, please help.

Sorry for the spelling and grammer.
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What should do?

1; "You Are Being Messed over!" FIND A REAL MECHANIC, HONEST ONE!
The Mechanic you went to when you were short of money sounded better?

Small Hole in the Exhaust could be your noise, They sell Exhaust System Tape at the Auto Parts Stores that is good for a Temp Fix.

"Hesitation" when you push the Throttle. Two Things: Does the Engine Idle a little Rough but run good some lose in mileage? When the Rough Idle and Lose of mileage you might need to have the Injectors Cleaned. Might need to Change the Transmission Fluid & Filter.

Tune-up is Possible but I'd do these others first.

NOTE; Remind this So Called Pro. that "Unauthorized Work" is illegal as He Knows!
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What should do?

It sounds like you have been totally ripped off. In your country, do you have Consumer Advocates that can act on your behalf to get this sorted out to your satisfaction?
In Australia we have Government sponsored Departments of Fair Trading and other departments to protect consumers.
Go and seek help and make this bloke pay to get your car back to its original condition.

Good Luck
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