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What is a good tuning/drifting car?

i have seen all the fast and furious movies and fell inlove with them. i have especially taken a liking to the tokyo drift. after leaning about drifting and testing it out in my, not so fun, 95 geo tracker, i fell inlove with the sport. only drawback is, it only drifts when its wet, snow, and it tends to tip. warning label on the visor warns of tipping, so i tend only to drift in the snow. but the car is falling apart and i want to find a new car. so far ive been fairly picky, wanting only RWD cars, but no so much anymore. i have considerd any good tuner and am broadinging my horisons. my car wont last long so help me out fast. i need to find someone with good knowladge of the tuning sport and need suggestions on what kind of car is good for tuning, and what mods and engine parts i should apply to it.
ive been looking for a:
- 97 nissan 240sx,
- a 99-02 mustang,(can u get a turbo for one of these??? if so where?)
- an earlier model mitsubishi ecplise,
- a 94+ toyota supra,
- a mazda rx-7, (love the vilside fortune rx-7 widebody kit shown in tokyo drift)
-and even been looking for a nice kit car such as lambo and ferrari for cheap.

i have a min. wage job and about 3k right now. but i plan on buying a car hopefully soon, like around 5-6k dollars in hand. any suggestions from tuning experts or guys who just know thier cars?

also, is it better to get manual? i want the thrill of manual and the conection with the car, but is it just the same as driving an automatic with things such as accelteration and top speed? in my opionion i always thought manual would be better and faster.
any assist?
-resides in OH-

oh, ive also been looking at maybe getting a 2009 kawasaki ninja 250r
any thoughts on this? comments? tips?
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What is a good tuning/drifting car?

Technically all of those cars are decent tuners/drifters. American muscle has been beginning to bring in the numbers now compared to the traditional Jap tuner, but the easiest and best car to drift with is an AE86 Toyota Corolla/Sprinter with the 4AGZE Supercharged engine. Nice and light, but the 4AGZE is Toyota's racing engine. Pretty high-revving, lots of torque. This car is the most popular for beginner drifters but it's a weapon when used in the right hands. Also Manual is better than Auto for drifting or any type of motorsport in particular. The Sprinter, being such a popular drifter, also has loads of parts available for you to chuck on it to make it handle better and go quicker. Out of your list the Nissan 240SX is the most popular that I have seen, the Mustang was born a natural drifter, the Supra (especially twin turbo) is a weapon for drag but not really drift, the Eclipse is not really that strong or that good handling (AWD lets it down for drifting), and the RX7 not only looks the shiz (although that WBK is going to be costing you more than the car itself, better off looking at RE Amemiya bits), the 13B Twin Turbo is a beast when fed the right parts.

AWD is also starting to rise up in the D1 drift scene. Team Orange used to have two WRXs in the team but now theres an MY07 Subaru WRX STi and a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX (both AWD), and they're doing pretty sweet.

And finally any model Nissan Skyline is a great drifter (Especially R32 GT-R with it's ATTESA AWD system that only puts the power to the front wheels when it needs it). The RWD ones you'll find are easier to drift being RWD (duh), but there are loads of people that shoe-horn in an RB26DETT to get some extra power of it.
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What is a good tuning/drifting car?

For drifting you want something with lots of power and rear wheel drive, preferably something with a V8. Then you screw up the rear suspension and put on hard compound rear tires so the rear end gets poor traction.

Drifting on the street is pointless. You are putting innocent bystanders at risk.

Instead of building a pointless drifting car, why not go see what your local race track has to offer.

On a race track you can go as fast as you want without putting innocent bystanders at risk.

You will have no trouble with the law.

You will be on a track with a bunch or your friends with similar equipment and abilities. Drifting on the street is not competitive. The person with the biggest checkbook will have the best car.

There will be a rule book so there will be a level playing field and your equipment will be safe. There will be regular inspections to make sure no one is cheating.

There will be prize money to help you with your expenses. Drifting on the street doesn't pay anything.

There will be an ambulance on site to take care of you when you crash. Help will arrive in seconds. If you were to crash while drifting you could die before help arrives.

Who knows, you may even get some fans.

You might want to checkout the local race track before you start building your car. You can get a copy of the rule book to make sure you are making your modifications correctly. Or you may want to buy a used race car for your first car. This car should already be legal. You could use this one until you learn the ropes.
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What is a good tuning/drifting car?

Go with the RX-7... second or third gen... and never pass up a skyline. A lot of people will tell you the rotary engines never last past 100,000 miles, but I had one go past 180 with no problems before I let it go. Just keep good care of them.

And of course get a manual!
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