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My feelings after 6 weeks of owning my first American car (long)

So here I am after having owned this 2011 5.0 for about 6weeks. As the title stated, I have never owned an American car. My first car was an 84’ BMW 318is, then a 92’, 325i, a 94’ 530i, a 97’325i, and finally an05’ Audi A4. When it came time for me to buy another car, I decided that sinceI had not had a coupe in quite some time, and I was newly single, I wanted something 2 doors and fast. I decided that I really wanted an M6. I looked and loved them, but after a divorce and wrapping up school, the money just wasn’t there. I started to look at other options and decided that I liked the way that the Camaro looked. I went to the dealership where my friend worked and he showed me several. The exterior was nice, I think that the Camaro has great road presence, but the interior was less than inspiring. As I was sitting in ablack on black 2010SS he leaned into the car and said, “I’m a Mustang guy myself”. I thought about it and since the Ford dealer was across the street, Ifigured I’d at least look. After I got there, they had a Deep Impact Blue 2013 sitting right out front. The salesman opened it up and I got a chance to look inside. We took it for a drive and I was pleased. Not overly estatic, but I figured it was a nice car. I think that he was too afraid to drive it hard, and I was not 100% convinced that I was interested.

A month later, after having lurked on this site and done plenty of research, I drove 700 miles up and back to purchase a 2011 GT Premium with Brembo package, Kona Blue exterior and black interior, in manual of course! I wasn’t sure about the color, but after seeing it in person, I was sold.

Now after having the car for a month, I know that I love it.This is not a car that I fell head over heels with when I first saw it. It grew on me, more of a smoldering love. Our affection grew for one another and one day we looked up and we were in love. I still run in very much the same circles that I did when I had my last car, the Audi, and that is a group of guys who drive cars that you typically see on posters. In my circle there are Aston Martins, Porsche Turbos, Ferraris, a few Lambos, and a Ford GT. There are someother less exotic cars also, Audis, BMWs, Vettes, but they’re high horsepowercars. Ones that you see and know they’re fast and expensive. So you can imagine the look on everyones face when I pulled up in a blue mustang!

After going over it with a skeptical eye, everyone was impressed with how far Ford has come, including me. I think that there are quite a few people who like to compare this car to an M3 but I think that you are really talking about two different types of buyers. When you look at European cars, you get less engine for your money. The creature comforts and luxuries are there, but the horsepower isn’t. When you look at an American car, you get the power, but the luxuries are typically lacking. When you want both, horsepower and luxury, in either, it requires you to spend a large amount of money. There is truly no other car on the market right now in the same price range that gives you this kind of stupid grin on your face power.

I remember just a few weeks ago, after getting used to driving this car, with a live rear lol, that it was fast, but I couldn’t see what everyone was really loosing their minds over. I mean it’s not break your neck scary fast. Then I realized that I had only been using about half of the throttle because it was all that the car really needed to pull hard. So in all my infinite wisdom, I floored it in 3rd at about 4000RPM. Oh, there it is!

I guess in all of this I am trying to say that for a long time, I drove European cars and had a tendency to look at American cars a bit sideways. I took my blinders off and decided to try something new, and have discovered a car that gives me so much more than a mode of transportation. The mustang really isn’t impressive for what it does, I mean there are plenty of cars that move quick and put up good numbers. What’s really impressive is how it does it, and for how much. Try telling a Porsche guy that you can put down more at the wheels than he has at the crank for half the cost of his car.

I want to give a huge thanks to this community for the truly hospitable treatment that I have received. The warm welcome, back pats, andhandshakes. Thanks for the sage advice and the guidance. Hopefully as this journey begins I will make new friends and learn a great deal.

Drive safe and remember there is no substitute for horsepower!
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Exactly how I felt 6 weeks after I bought mine (3 months after I totaled my 328i)

Welcome to the Club!
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Glad your year with us. I came from a Lexus. And i don't see myself driving a different car than the mustang for a long time.
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Started with classic Mustangs (had two '66s), then thirty-six years as a "responsible" grownup doing the family thing, and now back to two S197s. Welcome home Buddy.
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Originally Posted by fastfoal View Post

The exterior was nice, I think that the Camaro has great road presence, but the interior was less than inspiring.
GM has never made an interior that "pops."
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Nice story.. I've only had American cars in my short 22 years of life (a 2001 Ford Taurus and now my 2013 GT).. but I've always liked European cars particularly German muscle.. but too expensive for me now, but hopefully there is a strong German car for me in the future.. of course I'll always try to keep my Mustang (my 1st new car).
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Wish I could say the same. My Mustang is my first car lol.

Bullitt build paused pending graduation

HID end all thread
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