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First mod done, SCT X4 flash

Hey guys so I just wanted to share my experience going from a stock 2.73 gear base model v6 to my first mod before the others arrive. I have a complete stock 3.7 v6 manual transmission and was deciding on what to get as the first mod for the car. After a lot of decision making, I chose to get the following mods in order: sct x4 tuner, mpt custom tunes at 93 octane with no ghost cam, steeda cold air intake, and 3.73 gears. The tuner arrived yesterday morning and after work I started getting things ready to so the transition from 87 octane to 93. Luckily in miami, Fl, 93 octane is very common here and readily available for about $2.90 a gallon as compared to 87 which is around $2.30 a gallon. A considerable markup sure but you have to pay to play in order to see performance. I had about a quarter tank of 87 and called up mpt to ask what is the safest way to transition to 93 safely. They advised me to run it to 1/8 tank on what's left in the tank, refill about 3 gallons of 93, run it back down to 1/8 and then refill tank completely to 93 and that should do it. With this in mind I was trying to dump as much fuel so I can start moving the old octane out and prep for 93. I did a mini road trip on Florida's turnpike up and down each way at 4th gear, 60mph at around 3k rpm the whole way. Watching engine temp just because I didn't know if this was a good idea or not. Nothing went wrong and before long after 2 hours I managed to confidently dump as much 87 as I could and filled up to 93 at my local shell. I went home feeling not that bad since I know running 93 on a stock tune rated at 87 is not harmful but the vice versa is (87 gas on a tuned engine rated at 93 for operation). I followed the instructions for the sct tuner, checked for updated, none were needed and went back to the car to begin the process. Now I didn't have the mpt tunes at that time so I just went with the preloaded sct tunes that came on the device. The only thing I changed was the octane. I never tuned a car before and I have to say, there is that moment of sheer panic when the tuner begins to write the custom tune to the cars computer. So I'm sitting there in the car, windows up no ac or radio to conserve battery and out of no where, the cars guages for tach and speed went haywire. It was at that moment I said to myself, "nice going, this is what you get for tuning a brand new car with a warranty!". After about 6 minutes of uncertainty the tune was complete and prompted me to turn key on. I had no idea what was going to happen next or if within the first 2 minutes the car would do something unexpected. Thankfully, the car turned on and everything worked as normal. It at first didn't feel like anything changed and I was driving so slow to listen for anything in the engine and determine troubleshooting if any. After about 10 minutes of being cautious, I said to myself, what thr hell, so many people have done this before, let's see what really changed. I revved up to about 3k rpm and then to 4k. Everything seemed the same but there was a noticeable umph that wasn't there before. Time for some fun. I went back on thr turnpike and had a nice dose of 1st gear pull to 6pm and then proceeding back to reaching 80mph through the gears. All in all, I can definitely feel the tuner has changed in the low-mid range rpm and the car now has a little more character to it. Very happy with this initial purchase and can't wait to see how the steeda cai will wake the car up even more. The gears coming in on Friday are really going to be fun as well and yeah, beyond ecstatic. In short, the tune worked out and is highly recommended. Thought you all would laugh at my first experience tuning the car, I sure did back in hindsight

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Not gonna lie i felt the same way when i tuned mines... i was like "knowing my luck the battery would die or something would fail around 90% of the loading process" Hahah glad to hear everything went well. We've all had that feeling of wondering what the change would make, and then your pleasantly surprised. I have stock gears in mines and she moves now, can't wait to install my 4.30s

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