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All Years: Useful Mustang Information - READ THIS FIRST!

The following sites have useful information and diagrams for Ford Mustangs:
Note: Yeah I know, one of these days I will arrange or alphabetize the list, but for now just search a bit. You may run across something you need to know that you weren't even aware of.

Ford Electronics, Sensors, Relays, Injectors & Engine Tests

How to Use a Multimeter - Self Explanatory.

- Something killing your battery overnight. Here's how to test for and find the problem.

Gauge Cluster - Info and testing.

ABACO MAF - An article on the ABACO MAF digital meter.

Digital Mass Air Meter - ABACO MAF Article

AFM PMS 89-93 & AFM PMS 94-95 - IMO, The PMS is one of the best ways to tune your Mustang.

Alternators - Exploded views of alternators.

Chris Alston's Chassisworks - Tech Section with many articles on suspension parts, installation guides, chassis tuning, etc.

A 400 HP 302 - A 400 HP 302/5.0 carbureted engine build article.

400 HP 302 w/Stock Block & Cam - Another 400 HP 302/5.0 carbureted engine build article.

495 HP at 7,400 Small-Block Ford Build - A 331 Cubic Inch Screamer.

A/F Tuning - Information on tuning your air to fuel ratio.

B&M's Hammer Shifter for 1987-1993 Mustang AOD - Installation Guide

BioSmartStart for Automotive - Fingerprint Security starting systems.

Camshaft Selection - How to select your new camshaft. THX to dreamstang.

CamQuest - Select the perfect camshaft for your combination.

Car Won't Start - No Injector Pulse - Nice write up on Stangnet.

Checking Piston to Valve Clearance - With the heads on. THX to dreamstang

Clevor 5.0 - How to build a 302 "Clevor" engine using 351C heads.

Clutch Cable Freeplay Mod - Keeps the TOB from riding on the pressure plate.

CODES - Checking your Mustang computer codes

Crankshaft Tech - Helps you decide what type of crankshaft you should use for your project.

Crate Engine Guide - A guide to choosing a crate engine for your car.

Decoding Ford Casting Numbers - How to decode Ford casting numbers.

Drivetrain Power Loss - Info and dyno tests from Car Craft Magazine.

DOT Drag Radials 101: What You Need to Know About Drag Radials

The Ford 289 and 302 Engine Block - More engine block casting number and other info. THX to dreamstang

EEC IV Testing - Self explanatory.

EEC IV Information - Self explanatory.

EEC-IV Sensors/Actuators Location - Self explanatory.

EFI Basics - Electronic Fuel Injection Basics.

Electric Radiator Fans - An article from Car Craft about affordable electric fans.

Engine Building Mistakes - Mustang & Fords Magazine - THX to dreamstang

Modified Mustangs & Fords Tech Articles - Something for everyone here.

Budget Electrical Relays - An article from Car Craft on how to source inexpensive relays.

Ford Strokers - A Ford Stroker engine builder's website, great quality work and customer service.

351W F4TE Block Issues - Heads UP!

SBF Building - A website of Small Block Ford engine building tutorials.

Fuel Fragrances - Make your exhaust smell pretty.

How to Test the TFI Module & Hall Sensor - Self explanatory.

How to Test Cylinder Compression - Self explanatory.

How Can I Make "FREE" Horsepower? - By following some of the advice given on this link, that's how. THX to dreamstang

RJM Injection Tech - All kinds of pigtails, connectors, alternators, sensors, etc., etc..

Fuel Injector Size Calculator - Fuel Injector calculations and calculator at RC Fuel Injection.

Spindle Swapping Tech - Upgrading the spindles on the 79-93 Mustangs at Maximum Motorsports.

How To Install Fox Body 5 Lug Brake Kit - Self explanatory.

Pro Systems SV1 - New Carburetor for the carbed guys.

Fox Body Engine Swap - The parts & pieces.

Fox Body Big Block Swap - The tech and some prices.

Ford Fuel Injection - (Note: Now called "Old Fuel Injection")Fantastic site with tons of info and diagrams.

Ford AODE - Parts and info on the Ford AODE/4R70W transmissions

GEARS - Don't Fear the Gear. THX to ColeJohnson

AOD Upgrade- How to make an AOD live behind a supercharged engine.

AOD to T5 Swap 87-93 - Just what it says, with info and pictures.

AOD to T5 - A 12 Step Transmission Swap. THX to 351 mustanggt

Simple Shift Transmission Controller - For the 4R70W & AODE

Pro 5.0 Shifter Installation - Self explanatory

How to Select a High Stall Convertor - How to select the proper high stall speed convertor for your car.

351W Swap - How to swap in a 351W and the parts you will need.

Surging - Hanging Idle - Causes and cures for surging and hanging idle problems.

5.0 Idle Adjustment - How to set the idle on your 5.0 Mustang. THX to 93slowstang.

Summarized/Corrected Base Idle Reset - Self Explanatory.

5.0 TPS Setting - How to set your 5.0's TPS. THX to 93slowstang.

Piston to Valve Clearance - How to check. THX to 93slowstang.

Piston Notching Cutter & Guide tool - Used to notch the pistons in the block.

Piston Notching, Another Technique - Low dollar, DIY piston notching tool.

Piston Pointers - Identification and strength information.

Mass Flow vs. Speed Density - Very good explanation of the two systems.

Speed Density to MAF Conversion - An article on MM&FF to help convert your speed density system to MAF.

Oxygen sensor Harnesses - Manual/Auto differences and Year differences - Self Explanatory

Very Useful - Lots more info and diagrams.

7/16" to 1/2" Head Bolt Conversion - How to convert your 302 head bolts to the larger 351W head bolt size. THX to dreamstang.

Oil Pump Blueprinting - How to properly prepare a new oil pump for use.

DIY Porting - Lots of good info here too. Especially on the GT40 parts.

TMOSS Porting - The extent of this guy's knowledge and talents is simply amazing.

Oil Information at BITOG - Engine oil and grease information, very extensive.

Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil Myths - Video

Reinhold Racing - More good info to be found here & Darrell has given me permission to use the info from his site.

1982-1993 Mustang GT Registry - Lots of info on the 1982-1993 Mustangs. THX to 93slowstang.

Mustang Wiring Diagrams - A few diagrams for the 1964-2012 Mustangs.

79-93 Heater Core Replacement - How to replace your heater core. THX to 93slowstang.

Setting Base Timing - How to set the base timing on your Mustang. THX to 93slowstang.

Timing Comparisons Between EEC-IV ECU's - Self Explanatory. THX to dreamstang.

Ford Mustang Enthusiasts - More Mustang Diagrams and Information.

Mustang Specs - All kinds of useful Mustang Specifications.

MARTI-Reports - Detailed information about your car. Reports must be purchased. You have the option of standard or deluxe reports.

Mustang V8 Conversions - Covers most Fox Body Mustangs. Site has a lot of other useful information too. THX to dreamstang.

MPS Auto Salvage - Mustang parts and transmission conversions supplier.

Ford Engine Tech Data - All kinds of Ford engine technical data.

Spark Plug Reading - How to read your spark plugs for better tuning. THX to dreamstang.

Mustang Timeline - More useful Mustang information.

Identifying T5 Trans - For the Identification of T5 Mustang Transmissions.

Ford Parts Giant - Ford Parts

79-93 5 Lug Ford Fox Body Mustang Conversions- 5- Lug conversion information. THX to 93slowstang.

WALBRO FUEL PUMPS - Specifications, Flow Rate & Current Draw.

WALBRO FUEL PUMPS - Installation Tips. (If your car won't hold fuel pressure, read this.)

Distributor Installation 1 &
Distributor Installation 2 - MSD Tech videos on how to properly install a distributor.

Distributor Rotor Phasing - MSD Tech video about rotor phasing.

Testing the MSD 6 Series - MSD Tech video on how to check the 6 series ignition for spark.

LANGKA - Paint Chip Repair with Video. THX to sinister07.

How to Paint Your Car for Cheap! - Self explanatory.

Mustangs Unlimited Tech - Lots of technical information covering most years. THX to dreamstang.

LED Tail Light Bulbs - LED replacement bulbs.

Fog Light Fix - How to fix the headlight/fog light problem on 87-93 Mustang GT's.

Fox Body Seat Upholstery - How to install seat upholstery in your Fox Body Mustang. THX to 93slowstang.

RIM & TIRE Information - Lots of rim and tire info with a rim and tire comparison tool.

How to Clearance Fox-Body Mustang Wheel Wells - Self Explanatory

Radiators - Copper vs Aluminum - Self explanatory.

Front End Alignment at Home - Self Explanatory.

Driveshafts - The Science & Basics of Driveshafts.

Bumper Repair - How to Repair Your Plastic Bumper.

Everything You Need to Know About Clutches - Self explanatory.

Wheel Alignment Guide - DIY Alignment

1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Wheel and Tire Guide! - Self Explanatory.

Wiring Diagrams & TSB's - Self Explanatory.

Pick one or both manuals below as is your want or need.

Chilton Manuals - (When you first get your Mustang, this should be one of your first purchases for maintenance, tuning and modification information.)

Haynes Manuals - (When you first get your Mustang, this should be one of your first purchases for maintenance, tuning and modification information.)

NOTE: If anyone has other useful sites to post here, put them up and I will add them to the list.
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