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Car history...

IE - YOUR car history - what cars have you owned, how many miles/etc... just seeing some replies to a few threads... figured having a seperate thread for it might be a better idea

I've not turned 21 yet and I've had 11 cars and am well on my way to being one of those car nuts that can't figure out why he can't get out of debt
I'll start with the cars I actually used as drivers.. my neighbors hate us now for my crappy looking cars always in the driveway..

First car, was the family's.. was never in my name -
1 = 1987 plymouth voyager SE, short wheelbase.. that van was pimp .. broke with 128k miles (why don't they make seats as comfortable anymore??)
sold it to a mechanic that repaired the trans.. last saw it driving around about 2 years ago..
after I broke that (trans..) I bought myself a...

2 = 1986 Regal - $500 - 180k miles on it when I bought it, turd brown, tons of rust (looked like a camo paint job from a distance)... ran like a champ, sunroof still worked without leaking! no interior door panels, windows would not roll down, no A/C - 205k miles it stopped shifting into reverse... by far one of the top 3 favorite cars I've had.. I shoulda kept it and turned it into a drag car lol
sold it to a salvage yard for $50, they towed it and all..

3 = bought a 1991 bonneville SE with the $50 off an old guy who'd wrecked it and had it sitting in his yard, I hammered out the fenders, replaced the hood with a $20 junkyard piece w/rust and wiretied the bumper on, left rear wheel would lock up on the highway, it got to the point where the tire there had flat spots on 8-9 different patches of tread.. very slick it was slow as hell, but it had radio, cruise AND climate controls on the steering wheel, very pimp... it could also do one wheel smokies like no tomorrow.. Sold it for $250, and I still see the old lady driving it around

4 = replaced that with an 88 regal.. - Bought it from an estate sale for about $1k digital dash was sweet.. the 2.8 would not die.. it only had 120k miles on it, and it had been garage kept... someone in my school had just gotten a license, and wanted to buy it.. I sold it to him for $2k and bought my..

5 = 1997 monte carlo LS - my first 'new' car it only had 40k miles on it.. paid $9k.. (more like paid a loan for $9k with a really high APR) traded that in 2 years later with an effed trans on a

6 = 1998 monte carlo z34.. Chevy's 3800 has got to be my fav. N/A v6 engine ever.. sooo torquey and smooth, I liked it but it was a lemon - things were breaking left, right and left again and parts were EXPENSIVE ($550 for a fuel pump - AFTER trying an aftermarket pump that did not work) had 42k miles on it.. had 86k when I sold it only a year later (I get around..)

7 = Around august '03 my buddy and I picked up an 86 prelude 5 speed with 160k miles on it for the cost of getting it running and out of their yard, paint was faded.. interior was brand new (literally) aside from some alternator problems... my buddy and I drove the car up to 194k miles... before the clutch finally died.. we decided to not bother with it.. salvage yard took it away for $50 we hadn't changed the oil since we picked up the car....

8 = While I still had these cars I bought my '89 mustang, around april '04 - it had 169k miles on it as of purchase, LX 5.0/5 speed, $700, lots of 'goodies' on the car already.. and plenty of track time under its' belt.. for $1k more I got it into the 13s and finally broke it ~15k miles and nearly a year later - this is a car in my sig.. still runs but its getting an engine transplant

thorougly enjoying the '89 I decided that as my 98 was breaking down left and right.. I'd get a newer car.. I started looking around my dealers' lot.. we finally got one in that I liked..

9 = 2002 Mustang GT 5 speed.. only 13k miles, bought it at work for $11k.. I LOVE the car, bought it in august, up to 27k miles as of last night (even with using the '89 as my 'commuter' for a while)- I plan to keep this car for a long while, and working as a ford tech, I get OEM parts extremely cheap

That sums up my 'drivers' in my 4 years of driving..

I've also had a

10 = 91 buick regal coupe, bought it for $150 with blown head gaskets.. replaced head gaskets & sold car for $800..

and I have a
11 = '72 skylark 'project car' that's not going anywhere's fast.. and I don't plan for it to for a handful of years.. only thing I'm doing so far is keeping the body panels that are salvageable still in good shape.. and keeping it indoors/out of the weather..
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i learned how to drive on an xterra. i learned manual tranny on a mercury mystique. i took my test on the xterra and drove it (my parents car) til i was 17. then i got the used 99 mustang 3.8 liter myself. my parents pay for insurance because i bought it and plus im at college and i cant afford to do that. it has 60k miles on it. once i get a real job im gettin a cobra for sure.

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I started out in a 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix SE, 2 door, puke green, 3.1 L v6, auto tranny. My extent of modding that car was carrying it up to jiffy lube cuz I didn't know how to change my own oil...boy how times have changed lol. My fog lights where held on and together with hot glue...and it would bend whatever direction and directly back in place, i thought that was pretty cool. Kinda jumped a ditch one day...a 4 foot ditch....and you could never tell it in that car. Only got her stuck once..cuz I had a trailer and 4 wheeler on the trailer behind me going through a field. So I just pulled the 4 wheeler off the trailer and pulled car, trailer, and 4 wheeler straight out of the field lol.
Then...I bought the stang. End of story
"I'm not driving too fast...just flying too low"
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Drive my beater tempo around the stang keep it's low miles and the insurance bill stays low.
- Matthew |
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5-19-2001 (16) 91 Ford probe,white/gray 4cyl. while ran it up to around 190,000 miles and the tranny went out. sold got $1500 for it.

4/2003; (17 right be4 my 18th bday) bought a 98 stang, with 72,000 miles on it.Laser red/black changed somethings out, exhaust, intake, tint, strobes. (still have it with 105,000 miles) *daily driver*

8/2004; (19) bought my crown vic p71 had mid 90,000 miles on it (now has 103,000 miles) *2nd car*

By May 2005 (turn 20) I will have a GT atleast a 2002+ (unless I find a great 98 GT)
2006 F150 4x4 with the 5.4L V8
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Damn 11 cars...crazy, heres my history

2001 - 16 - 1995 Saturn SL 1 - unknown mileage -) yep that bad boy was pimp hahaha snapped the transmission in half in that bad boy , got hit like 5 times in that car too - mods - Neon dice and xenon headlights

2002 - 17 - 2000 Mustang V6 - got it w/ 11k and when I sold it had 80k in a year n half of owning it.) - I miss this car. sh*t was pimp and fast for a V6. Had alot of great times in that car.

2004 - 20 - 1989 Mustang 5.0 - 116k has now 129k - pimp and fast just getting started with it

Getting a bronco soon from a relative
1989 5.0 - Mustang Brandy the NOW It can Barely Idle B**ch
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I've only got 1.
Mods: Magnapacks, BBK X-pipe with cats, BBK CAI, hood struts, KYB Shocks/Struts, Eibach Pro springs, SS Inserts, CDC Light bar, Chrome 17" Bullits with Nitto 555 and N2O with dual purge
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1 1984 Chevy Celebrity, 60k miles. Still my beater car, but I started driving it until my uncle sold the stang to me. It has really low mileage for a 21 yr old car. The paint sucks, injectors are clogged or soemthing(it doesn't accelerate), it gets stuck in park, reverse stalls it, and rear shocks are blown. I take it through fields.

2 1986 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer, 45k miles. A good car but it was my first time welding and grinding so I wasn't very good. I tried to fix the rocker panels they were all rusted out. It didn't turn out too bad but it wasn't professional. I sold it to my cousin who has since lifted it, put 15's and big tires, painted it white, and had a full exhaust made for it.

3 1997 Mustang, 49k miles. This is my baby. She's slow as balls but I love her.

I'm saving very slowly so that once I turn 25 I have enough to get a nice brand new cobra. I can't wait.
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Ha, what fun.

My forst vehicle was a Yamaha RD250, til I loaned it to a friend who blew the motor.

My first car was a 1976 Ford Torino, 351W. Had it three days and laoned it to a friend who promptly totaled it.

Next was a 1963 Chevy Belair. One too many neutral drops took out the trans so I scrapped it. hey it only cost me $257 including tax, tilte and license off a used car lot. So it wasn't much to begin with.

The I drove a Honda CB360 for a while, driving a motorcylce in the winter around Chicago sux so.. I sold it.

I bought a 1970 Chevy Caprice that looked rough but hauled butt, it caught fire in downtown Gary, In, around midnight.

Then I got a 1974 Dodge Dart. Which I drove the heck out of, Chicago to San Diego was one of it's trips, and traded in on a ..

1968 Mercury Cougar, nice car, but the prior owner was a mechnical knucklebutt. This car eventually got stolen.

So I got an Opel 1900 wagon. Nice little two door wagon with a 1900cc 4 banger and a four speed. I had plans for it, but it got towed for illegal parking and I didn;t have the ransom to spring it.

I hoofed if for a while then got me a Suzuki GS550, only bike I could pull a wheelie on. But after the umpteenth buttwipe tried to change lanes into me I sold it.

Then I got a 1963 Plymouth Belevede wagon. Used to take that to Vegas and back often. While I had this car I also bought my only brand new car, a 1986 Dodge Daytona. I sold the Belvedere to my roommate cause he needed a car, wish I hadn't.

While I had the Daytona I also bought a 140 Chrysler Royal, a 1964 Chrysler 300 (big block and a stick) and a 1973 Dodge Challenger. all drivers and they split the driving duties with the Daytona/

I drove the Daytona for five years. In that five years I put 25 thousand miles on it and in the process I went thru three engines and two transmissions under warranty. When the engine blew for the last time, one month after the 5 year 50k mile warranty expired, I abandoned it at the Dodge dealer.

I got married and a Mazda 626 joined the family

I had to thin the herd so I sold the Challenger and Royal, keeping the 300. Foolish wife though one car per driver was enough. She's learned.

Blew the engine in the 300 so while it was down getting a new engine I bought a 1972 Dodge Dart. The Mazda we traded in becasue we were moving to Tucson and it had no AC, to replace the mazda we bought a 1986 Tempo

The Tempo was a piece of crapo, looked nice but no reliability. It got sold and the Wife drove my Dart and I drove the 300 for a long time. Then I moved to Texas.

e had a couple more kids and wife wants a minivan...

They ain't cheap so I bought her a 1987 Dodge Diplomat ex-cop car. Wife says too big so I drove it and she kept driving the Dart. After a while she come home with a Neon. A 1996 Neon. So to fix her I bought a 1938 Plymouth RoadKing.

After one too many Dukes of hazzard jumps int he Dart teh old rusty rocker panels failed and I bought a 1965 Cuda to transfer all the Dart goodies to and scrapped the Dart. Sold the 300 to a guy in CO.

Still have the Diplomat and Cuda, the Neon got totalled out by a buttwipe in an F150, bought the wife her minivan, a 1999 Montana, and I got the Sttang to commute to work in.

I didn't bother to list the parts cars I bought for well parts.

1996 Mustang
1965 Barracuda

Originally Posted by slvr2000stang
Holy crap he's right.
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I liek gramer
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I learned in an Nissan Maxima and an Expedition->Laser Red, Eddie Bauer (sp?) edition, very nice. Matched my first stang. I hated driving that thing, except for the V8 part of it.

1) 1997 Laser Red Ford Mustang V6. More or less handed to me. Had the good wheels and was very nice. I traded it in for a telephone pole when I was 16. Had about 78k on it. Sold it at an auction for $2,050. It was totaled, but it was the least amount of damage I could have done to total it.

2) 1999 Oxford White Ford Mustang V6. I bought with my own money. You can see the rest in my garage.
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first car was a 1984 firebird and it was my 17th bday gift from my dad...i loved that car and i really didn't want to sell it but the trans went but i got 1000 bucks for it, then my next car was a 1996 nissan maxima that my mom randomly called me at school one day and said "hey u bought a car" yeah i really didn't have a say in that...then last summer the sunroof quit and the entire car was drenched in water (it was raining inside the car while i was driving...yet the sunroof was closed)...then i got my 2004 v6 competition orange stang as my early college graduation gift
In God We Trust. All Others Checked NCIC.

Modified 2004 V6
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yea i have only had two cars. i started with a taurus 98 with 98k on it when we sold it b/c it got a whole in its trunk liner and lent in snow and rain (water) it molded and whole car reeked of it. then we got the 2003 6er and it now has only 12k on her.
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Originally Posted by Brent View Post
You still have a quote in your sig from a guy that hasn't signed in in almost 2 years
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1990 Eagle Talon (Mitsu...) POS car had it for a year or more.... red auto slow and all the regular Mitsu issues....

1997 Mustang V6: great car, white, auto, if not for auto i would still own it im sure. It was a better car than any car ive had yet the auto just sucked to much.

2001 Mustang V6: my current car.
2003 Cobra Vert (Redfire) #3938 of 5082 @ 05/27/2003
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2012 Mustang 3.7L M6 (Kona Blue)
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1988 Red Pontiac Sunbird Convertible. I got it got $1000 from a relative. It was an ok car.

1999 Black Ford Mustang V6. It was more like a graduation gift. Although it was 1 month after I graduated. But it's ok.
Originally Posted by n8r
jack, jhack, it sounds the same, because the H is silent!
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See sig 12,084 miles
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1999 - 17 - 99 Ford Contour SE

2001 - 19 - 01 Ford Expedition XLT

2003 - 22 - 04 Mustang V6 *current car*
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1988 Cougar, pretty much handed too me, dont remember the miles 100k plus. Had head gasket problems, blew 3 water pumps and a hose and the tranny was goin bad. Most comfortable car I ever drove tho, and it put it with a lot of crap that I put it through, traded it in for

1997 Jeep Wrangler 4 banger. Jumped the gun and instead of waiting to find a 6, got the 4. Bad mistake, had 31 inch tires on stock gears, that thing was a dog. Learned 5 spd. on it and still loveed to drive it top down in the summer, if it was a 6 id still be in it today. Had an exhaust leak. traded it for

1996 Dodge ram, yay. Check the garage.
Originally Posted by Brent
Nothing is ever official until its official
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97 stang - first car (look at sig)
My Car
1997 Pacific Green Mustang
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My first car was a pontiac fiero, I forgot the year, but I will admit it was fun to drive except for in the rain. I didnt drive it long since my sister let me use it till I had enough cash to buy my own.

So the second car was from a state auction, it was a 1986 Ford T-bird I bought for $650. The car had 165K miles on it. I didnt bother to check the fluids and stuff after I got the car, I know not the smartest thing. When I did finally check them after driving it for 3 months I had no oil in it at all, but the 5.0 engine held up just fine. I ended up taking it to the junkyard after 5 years of some good times had by all in that car.

bought a 1995 monte carlo for number 3. bad idea. it ran fine but continually overheated and had minor problems, of course it had 158K miles on it but it seemed like every other week I was replacing something on it. I drove that for about a year and a half, then I bought the 1998 stang and have been happy ever since.
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