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Old 07-06-2005, 10:47 PM   #1
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Your Stang's Story

How you got to where you are with choosing your Mustang:

I was just 18 (still am) and needed a replacement for my Camry. I wanted something with decent pickup because the Camry had some nice torque. I also didn't want high insurance and wanted the car to look nice outta the factory. I looked around forever for a Nissan 240SX for super drifty action, a newer model one. And I even considered an Acura Integra GS-R because of the VTEC and many sources for mods. I considered an SN95 GT for a while but couldn't find any in good condition around here. I changed my mind because of the high insurance cost of it for only 220hp and turned to a 'new edge' V6. Whatever I got had to be a 5spd because I wanted something fun. I looked around and couldn't find any at a decent price until one day in big bold letters "1999 5spd" caught my attention. I test drove it and loved it (minus the wheels which stockers suck anyway on V6's). Thousands of dollars later here I am.

Cliff Notes: Wanted a 5spd w/ low insurance and good HP/TQ that looked good stock
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i looked around vigorously in my area, the cheapest stang i found was 10k for a 99 v6 that was beaten to hell(dings all over, rear bumper had a hole in it from a truck backing its hitch through it, 140k miles). even cleaner v6ers were around 12k, and no 99 gt was under 14, as well as no 94-98 gt was under 10k.

so i found the next best thing just by accident(my gst) and went for it. 7500 with 50k on it, 5spd turbo, drop top. doesnt get much better than that. too bad the bmw dealership didnt know it was a turbo and thought it was a n/t, thus the low price.

1998 Eclipse GST Spyder - 14b turbo | 3" Catback | Evo8 BoV | 170fwhp if that

2003 Redfire Cobra - 448whp/435wtq - Sold
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i love my mom

i was looking at some civics(STOCK) just for the 30mpg but then this car showed up in my garage one day when i got home from a friends house and BAM i'm here
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read mine here:
-Jimmy I drive a station wagon.
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5 years ago my girlfriend (wife now) and I where bored one day and decided to go to the mall and buy something (anything). On the way to the mall we saw a Ford dealer and decided to stop (just to look). The first car that caught my attention was my 2000 v6 vert...we never made it to the mall.
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OK you are right!!! Maybe I am the Old Crazy One
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I started out with GMs.. had a lot of GMs.. 6 to be exact...

Until I picked up my '89 rustang... paid $700 for the car.. body was in pretty bad shape (paint and damage wise... the passenger side is all screwed up..) looks okay from a distance but up close... Anyway.. It felt very strong to me but it could have been because I hadn't owned a moderate v8 since my '71 skylark.. and I'd gotten used to FWD GMs

I took it to the track and right out of the box ran a 16.2@ 92 MPH missing 2 shifts I was so nervous LOL I don't know why I was nervous now.. its a rush I got in one other run that night.. and ran a 15.4 @98 MPH with a 2.7 60' my second run.. not understanding 60's fully or what the MPH meant I got pissed at the car and decided to not run for a while..

all my mustang buddies (was in a ford class at the time..) started pushing me to race it again.. so I went and tried again.. by this point I'd gotten used to driving.. I still didn't understand launch procedures too well by then.. but my first run I was expecting nothing better than low 15s... Lined up against a camaro of around the same year, I expected to get wasted.. Lights went, I dropped the clutch from 1500 RPM.. bogged a bit but hooked, my jaw dropped after seeing the distance I'd put on the camaro ... and again when I got my time slip - 14.2@102 MPH with a 2.35 60' - and at this point I hadn't done anything else to the car aside from new tires..

So from then on I was hooked, I was racing every friday.. and driving this car more and more often.. every time I got into my chevy I got pissed at how slow it was, so I started car shopping... a week after I started looking someone traded a perfect true blue 02 GT in on an 01 cobra we had on the lot... you all know my story from there..
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i got my stang thanks to my sister...

she had a 99 cougar and for the 2 years she had it, she had problems with it for a year and a half...the automatic transmission would change gears without her wanting it to, for example, going into neutral while driving down a highway, or even scarier, park. they kept taking the car in, hooking computers up to it to see what was wrong, etc, etc... but they didn't find the problem until last summer. at that point, the dealer told her that he just wanted to get the car off to auction, and let her get a new car. idealy she wanted a mustang, but the last time she got an insurance quote, it was insane, but she was also 17. now that she was 20, the insurance dropped, and she went home with a brand new 04 v6 in oxford white. the same day, i was in north jersey, driving to south jersey in very heavy downpours. this was also the same day that my sun roof decided to not work anymore (even though it was shut and sealed) was raining so much inside of the car that i had to wear a hood to drive otherwise i couldn't the first thing i did when i got home was duct taped the sunroof shut...i needed the car so i was gonna do anything to keep it running for me. that night my mom told me that my grandparents had bought my sister a new car for an early graduation gift and now that this happened to my car, i was gonna get the same. so that following monday we went to the lot and the rule was "any car u want, except it has to be a v6, something from this lot, and no verts or sunroofs" (the owner of the lot was one of my grandfather's best friends)...well, i was forbidden to even go near a lightning, or the brand new cobra on the lot lol i first got into a screaming yellow stang, but i wasn't happy with the color (ironically, it was too bright ) then i saw the orange, and i fell in love...and the rest is history

okay so now i'm sure that u all think i'm a spoiled brat but think again before u say anything cause i work a bajillion jobs and i've been working for my grandparents most of my life helping them with their store and etc...i've never had anything handed to me in my life so this was very awesome for me
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Modified 2004 V6
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Well, I originally had a 97 v6 stang that I got to replace my 97 nissan pickup. I wanted something sporty and cheap. I ended up paying way too much for it. Started modifying it a bit, mostly appearance and audio plus minor performance mods. I was going to do the H/C/I on it but decided to save the money and get a GT. I started looking around online and ran across this car online (autotrader) I called the dealer and we agreed on $12,500 contingent on me liking the car so I got a friend of mine to drive me out to Omaha NE to pick it up. (3 hour drive) I was a little bit excited to get it. I had already sold my v6 and wrote the dealer a check after my bank had deposited the loan in my checking account.

The test drive went great and the extra 100 hp/tq was somewhat noticable

My first mod was the Triax shifter, then magnaflow cat back, springs, a couple minor mods and I got the shaker hood. I originally planned to make it a 300 crank hp bolt on car but when the hp bug bites ya, it can bite hard! I got my wheels next then lower control arms and the X pipe.

At this time I started looking online for a good deal on a supercharger. I found what I thought would be a good deal but the guy ripped me off by leaving a bunch of stuff out of the kit and after a bunch of crap he ended up owing me an extra $1600 that I doubt I'll ever get back. Anyway, I made it work. lots of custom parts and finished the kit off myself, installed it myself, got it tuned and running then 3 weeks later I blew the clutch while showing some kid in a subaru what's what... On comes the spec stage 2. They originally sent the wrong one so it took 3 more weeks to get my car running but now it's running well. Granted, I only get 20 mpg highway thanks to my conservative tune.

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sticky my post *****es....haha j/k
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I had a 92 chevy lumina, and I was getting sick of it cuz it wasn't any fun to drive. I wasn't really even looking for a car, but I was driving down the street one day when I look over and see a white mustang for sale at a DaVinci's restaurant. I say well let's go look at it, I was with a friend. We get turned around and drive by it again to turn in and see it, and I just about jump outta my seat cuz I realize its a cobra. We get up there and are looking at it and I fell in love. not even a week later its sitting in my driveway after all the bank loan and test drive and whatnot was cleared up.
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I drove my almost riced out 1996 chrysler sebring for about a year, no get-up-and-go what so ever. I was getting sick of the car it wasnt any fun to drive when my boss told me he would sell me his 98gt /cobra mod (can be seen in my for 10,000 fast as hell compared to my 4 cyl, sebring. then my neighbors son was selling his 2000 5speed 3.8L awesome condition for 8,000. I test drove it to my driveway and thier it stayed. so here I am. (awaiting my 03 cobra now)
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I liek gramer
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for some reason it took all my apostrophes and made them question marks. ignore that.
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started off with my plymouth

i bought a 71 plymouth scamp when i was 14 or so, which i was going to restore by the time i could drive, well my grades dropped, and someone complained to the county about untagged vehicles, so my dad had the thing towed out of here, that was a huge fight

so we had a Porsche 924 sitting here, it was built for auto-x, so the agreement then became, if i can pull my grades up, i can have the car, well...i got my grades up, then my dad sold the car, which led to my dad losing a lot of respect from me for years

so i come home, and theres this dull, rough looking 87 thunderbird in the driveway, i ask my dad what its all about, and he was like "its for your mom" since my mom doesnt drive, has no license or car, so i was pissed off, once my mom told him she didnt want the car, it became mine, i hated the damn thing, it was ugly, slow, needed a lot of work, and smelled funny

over the years, it became what it is now, a pretty decent looking car, doesnt smell as funny, much more comfortable than it used to be, and i got the opportunity to go and just pick up a Dodge 600se, for free, 2.2L turbo

so i get that car, had it for a while, worked on it, got it running really nicely, had some balls, but then the turbo decided to smoke, so i just said "**** it", legalized and tagged my thunderbird

couple months go by, and i decided i didnt want the dodge anymore, it didnt do me any good having 2 cars that didnt share any parts, or have any common ground, so i found my 87 Turbo Coupe for 500 bucks
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Back when I was 15 I just kept bugging my dad about how much I wanted a Mustang... a little while later we looked at my old v6 and bought it for 9400 with 45k miles on it. Drove that for 6 1/2 years and then randomly came across a guy selling a white cobra for 6k, so I looked at it, didnt like it and the guy that sold me mine called me that same day telling me he had a cobra he was selling. Went and looked at it, and thats what I have today.

I like toys
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Had a 99 ranger extended cab. The wife said it wasn't very family friendly since we had a little girl. So, I traded it in on a 2000 White GT coupe. Created a huge todo list for it. Then the 03 cobras were announced, and I figured I might as well get the warranteed supercharger. So, I sold the GT, bought the Cobra, and the rest is history.
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Had a 93 Grand Prix SE, 2 door, puke green, drove it for a few years. My senior year I basically spent all my free time driving around the dealerships looking at what they had on the lot. I was up at the Nissan dealership looking at a frontier, told my parents to go up there and tell me what they thought. They call me later that night, say they have a car they want me to test drive, I get there, it's a white mustang, I didn't care about the tranny, engine, anything, it was a mustang. So...I ended up with the mustang after a day of taking parts off my old car, and she is.
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as if everyone didnt know the story already, ill tell it again, haha...

aright, so i own two mustangs, a maroon 86GT and a blue 85GT t-tops, both hatchbacks.

the 86GT has been in my family for years. ever since i can remember, my dad has driven it. he let my brother drive the car when he turned 16, and after a few incidents, he decided to get a new mustang and the 86GT was then mine for the taking. i bought the car off my dad sorta beat up and we fixed it up. 2 years later, i move to A&M for college. halloween 2003, i was driving home to SA and had a mishap where i banged the rear of an eclipse. the 86 spent 7 months in the shop with an estimate of $7K to fix. the car was eventually fixed. after getting it back, i moved back up to A&M for the next fall semester. wouldnt ya know it... 3 days after i move up there (3 months after i got the car back), some dumb teeny boppin ho fails to yield on a left turn and pulls out in front of me. another $7K estimate of damage. i wasnt about to wait another 7 months to get a car, because mind you, i was carless this whole time when i had the first accident. so eventually, i find another nice fox body. so i went to waco to buy my 85GT from the original owner. the car had been a drag car, nitrous'd and everything but most of it was removed before he sold it to me. well, apparently he ran the motor a little too hard (and he was a dumbass, i realized after i tore the car apart and saw some of the things he did, wow) and the motor blew up 2 months after i bought the car, on the way to houston, thanksgiving weekend. well, being short of cash, i wasnt able to get the motor swap done until the end of the spring semester, beginning of summer. we swapped the motor in my garage with some buddies.

and now, it seems that ive got a car that is reliable and HOPEFULLY not an accident magnent. anyways, yea... the 86GT is still in my ownership, still wrecked. plan to fix it when i get the extra cash some day.
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I started out with an 85 GMC Suburban. Then I let my brother borrow the truck one day and he blew out the trans. So I was like ok I will just pay 1200 and get a nice beefy tranny with a shiftkit and whatnot. 50 miles after the new trans gets put in, the motor blows up. Piston number 5 shattered. Ran lean. So I sold the truck to a friend who put a new motor in it. And my mom said don't waste your money on another old vehicle, get something newer. So after looking around on autotrader online, just for kicsk I looked at mustangs. Saw this nice red v6 98 stang, checked it out, bought it the following monday. Just wish it was stick though. Then after a while I traded it in for a 95 diesel pickup. It was a sweet truck, but I wanted another mustang after a little while, so I traded it to a guy who had a 97 black on black leather mustang gt. 5 speed. With only 70k miles. Sweet car. Kept it for a little while, and then I realized it was in an accident after seeing a few signs on the car (looked underneith it very closey, bodylines...etc) and sold it ASAP, then bought a 98 Taurus SHO. That thing was pretty quick for a Taurus but it had a lot of problems and basically sucked ***. So I sold it to a friend who then proceeded to blow up the tranny in it, kill the brakes, and blow the struts out, not like I cared, because I went and bought my 88 Fox. Which is where I am today. I also have 2 other daily drivers, which is a 1990 Isuzu pickup, and a 1990 Acura Integra RS.
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