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Everybody open this up and read! Very important!

Please everyone make themselves very aware of our rules on this site! Click here to read them!

I want to take this time to clear some issues up we seem to be having on this forum lately.

First off, you may cry free speech all you want on here but it will get you nowhere. This site is for you guys but that does not give you the right to do as you please. Some people seem to have this type of mind set and it will get you banned if you keep it. I don't care how old you are, how long you have been here, or who you know if you act like a 2 year old you will be gone from this site.

Secondly, you will show respect to each and every member whether or not you like them. As sad as it is, when a female registers do not ask for her pictures and all that other crap that some of you love to do over and over again. We have 2 active females posting on this site thanks to that. If someone breaks the site rules then report their post. If they make a comment to you that offends you, report their post. Let me take care of it. Having you go off on them is not going to make it easier to fix the problem. If you lose your temper too you are now on the same level as the person that initiated it and that leaves me with very little room to work with. If you take part in the name calling you will not be looked at no better than the person that started it. This is not elementry school guys. You will also show respect to the Admins and moderators on this site. These guys are the ones that keep the peace on the site and they are the ones that make the tough decisions on this board when it comes to members not following rules. They are not out to annoy you they are here to help you and help keep this place together. You think we like removing members from our forum and not allowing them to post at all? We try very hard to please everyone on this site but it just can not happen. You are not going to get a long with everyone that signs up on this site. You must learn to ignore these users or respond to them in a non flaming nature. Another thing, just because you donate to the site does not mean you are immune to these rules. If you break the rules and continue to do so I will ban you just as fast as a non supporting member. When your ban is lifted you will not be put back as a supporting member until you pay again. Don't think that is fair? Don't get banned then. Nothing pisses me off more than someone that goes out of their way to make someone else angry. That is one hell of a quick way to get banned from this site with no warning at all. This means do not make smartass comments to members, create threads calling members out, or any other type of comment that is made only to incite anger.

Third, there are going to be no more useless threads created in The Bar. I don't care if you think The Bar is useless. If you think this, then stop posting in it. There are alot of funny and good conversatons in the off topic areas. Sorry if they do not meet your high criteria but we are a bunch of people that love Mustangs. We are not out to solve world hunger.

Fourth, Tehnical discussion in the Technical areas will remain just that. Do not go excessively off topic. I understand that each post can not remain strictly technical but I do know that you can keep from switching the topic of the thread all together. Do not just post in a thread to be posting. If your post does not add any kind of value to the thread at all then it will be deleted.

Fifth, use your common sense when you start a thread. Keep these things in mind:
  • Be as descriptive as possible in the thread title! This remains very true for our Technical area. Do not make a post titled "I have a problem" Let us know atleast what kind of problem you are having so that we know what to expect before we enter the thread. This also helps when using the search function so that members can find threads that are related to what they search for.
  • We need to know what your thread is about. Do not just start posting images or other items in a thread without telling us why you are posting what you are posting. Simple right?

Finally, put yourself in my shoes, in our moderators shoes. When you make your post ask yourself would you want someone saying what you are about to say on your site? Would you want to have to look at both sides of the issues and try to make a fair judgement all the while trying to please both sides? Do you want to work for 10 hours straight, come home start working on a paper, and look forward to getting online only to realize that you have to try to solve issues between members on your site because they can not be mature enough to get along on the internet?

I know Danger Dude beats this saying into the ground but just be decent. Just enjoy your time on here, have a few laughs, help out some people that are into the same thing you are and just enjoy it! Try to meet up with people in your area and get this site headed toward where we want it.

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