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Road Trip!
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Ignorance is overcoming this world...*rant*

on the road, in person, everything

tonight, i was in my car with a friend, sitting in the mall parking lot just BSing, a security gaurd pulls up in his 4runner, every possible light on the front of that truck was aimed towards our face, then he pulls up next to me, and says "why are you here" i told him "im letting the car warm up before i leave" he says "the car will warm up on the road, get out of here" and just takes off! i say fugg it, im sitting in the car still, he pulls back up "the car has warmed up enough, get off the mall property" at this point, my friend gets pissed off and was like "no, this car has issues.." and says something, the security gaurd says "im giving you 30 seconds to get off the property or im calling the anne arundel police" he goes to say something else, i roll my window up and bolt out of my spot, and just drive around the uber big parking lot, then he starts following me, so i just leave

since i was just driving around, there was cop cars bolting out of the parking lot, a good 5 of em, so i go to investigate, get caught up at a few lights, finally find where they were, there was about 8 of them in an intersection, and more and more pulling up, total of probably 60 cops pulled up and left, helicopter and everything was out, turns out an officer is shot, people as usual were being rude to the officers and all, we finally were able to turn around and left, im doing a touch over the speed limit, and i have 2 cars on my bumper! we're leaving a place where there are cops non-stop pulling in and out, and these bastards are riding my bumper, then one car proceeds to get in the sholder and sit in my blind spot, just as i have to make a right turn, so i cut him off and make my turn and he just takes off, then the SUV that was behind him gets on my bumper, turns his brights on, then passes me in a turn only lane, when i was already going about 10 over the speed limit

last incident for tonight was i was driving to the mall, i had an accord riding my bumper, on my bumper for a while, and he goes to take off around me in a turn only lane, i say screw this, it was in D and not overdrive, so i floor it, downshifted once and he couldnt get by me, since there was oncomming traffic, i got on the brakes so he could get ahead of me because i wanted no chance to be a part of someone getting killed, then he gets caught behind a truck, then at a red light...all that rushing for what? not a damn thing

sorry for the rant, im just a bit pissed off
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haha, i guess. some nights people are just strange. full moon out maybe?

i had a car of dum ugly hoes ask if my car was fast and furious. im like so sick of hearing about fast and the furious im ready so sell the dam car and get a stang or something. but then i think, it must be worse for them srt4 kids cause everytime they pull to a light next to someone that knows anything about cars they must hear"hey thats a pretty neon, my mommy has one just like it" then i feel better.

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I got into it with a rent-a-cop once. He had been hassling my daughter at the skating rink and when she got home she told me about it. So we went back to the rink, I gave him an *** chewing, he threatened to call the cops and I demanded that he do so. One of the things he did was "confiscate" my daughter's license, something he has no authority to do. I told him, "yes, let's bring the cops here and they can tell you exactly where your authority ends". His boss showed up and rentacop proceeds to lie to his boss right in front of me. I called him on each of his lies. One of which was that the manager was not there and had not been there that night. Lo and behold she walks out of the rink and I see her.

Rentacop was looking for a new job that night.

**** em. Guess he didn't expect me to show up a ream him. He tried the light in the eyes trick on my with his Mag lite, told him to take that light out of my face or I'd plant it up his *** for him, guess I started the conversation out on the right foot.

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Originally Posted by slvr2000stang
Holy crap he's right.
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