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brydger 03-22-2010 06:15 PM

New speaker system for my car?
I have a 2003 ford mustang and 2 of my speakers are not working, i love music and was wondering for about 150$ what is the best i can get. Listen to hip hop/songs with lots of bass. any help is aprreciated. are good subs too expensive?

camdin 03-22-2010 07:09 PM

New speaker system for my car?
go to and enter your cars information in. Then they'll tell you what fits your car and what adapters you need. Also they have a huge speaker selection. Assuming you don't have the mach audio system you can easily buy two sets of good speakers for $150.

Ive used these before and they sound good on stock head units. Alot better than the stock speakers.

Also speakers come in pairs when you buy them. Ive never seen just single speakers for sale.

Maichail 03-22-2010 07:52 PM

New speaker system for my car?
If you have 2 speakers not working it might be a malfunction of your head unit or integrated Amp if you have one. Speakers on a 2003 should not stop working just like that you might also have bad wires, unless you've had the volume to full blast for the past 6 years then maybe you really did blow them. You can get some Kickers that will give you some bass over your OEM speakers but it wont be drastic change. As for subs you will be going way over your budget because you will need the actual subs, boxes for the subs and an Amp to drive them.Hope this helps.

odam 03-22-2010 08:20 PM

New speaker system for my car?
check out: Phoenix Gold RSd65cs, Pioneer TS-D720C or TS-D1720C
both are good for the money cost around $100 or less. the pioneer is good all around and the phoenix has a bit more bass.
check the reviews at my sources
crutchfield is good but expensive cuz you're paying for extra services.

micheal 03-22-2010 08:24 PM

New speaker system for my car?
Forget about crutchfield unless you like getting raped worse than your local shops. My suggestion is CDT Audio, they are the only manufacturer that make speakers in your price range that may achieve what your looking to get."-2Way-Component-Speakers.htm
This set of speakers is a good set of speakers, give decent low, good mids and good highs, they have silk domed tweets, the tweets can also be mounted on the mid woofer for a coaxial look, they are a component set. Woofersetc has them for $99.99 with free shipping right now, I do believe that CDT stopped making this set of speakers which is why the price is so low. But they will however provide support for them, if you blow them they will rebuild them for you for a re-cone fee.

emrys27 03-22-2010 09:15 PM

New speaker system for my car?
go to

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