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keene65 03-30-2010 05:15 AM

Which turbo should I put on my Mustang?
Ok, I have a 1989 mustang notchback lx that had the engine removed and installed a 1987 thunderbird turbocoupe engine that was rebuild. I currently have a garrett t3 from a svo pushing 18 psi with 35lb/hr injectors. It is a fun car to drive but I want more up and go. I can beat stock 5.0's all day but I would like to hang with the new stangs with the superchargers. So what route should I go HX35 holset, or T3/TO4E 50 trim with a stand alone engine management and 75 lb/hr injectors. Either way with the right tuning I can get about 350-400 hp and have a lighter car than a new stang with a V8. BTW I have had several V* stangs and this one is a lot more fun.

osweald 03-30-2010 05:33 AM

Which turbo should I put on my Mustang?
Either one sounds like a winner to me. The only turbos I know anything about are on tractors and semis. Truthfully though, if you want it for a street car, you really don't need any more power than that. I'm sure that the manufacturers have web sites and tech lines so use them. Tell them what you have and what you want it to do and they can point you in the right direction.

I always liked the Fox body 'stangs. They are easy to build on and always respond well to modifications. They are good looking cars too.

Good luck with it, and have fun.

05:48 AM

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