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allister 04-09-2010 02:00 PM

Shouldn't LT1 Camaro be alot faster than Foxbody Mustangs?
Well it's weird because my car is a beast, not bragging but it's pretty fast for what it is. 1996 Camaro LT1, im sure im pushing around 295hp to the crank. I have intake and exhaust, run 9.03 in the 1/8th mile. Well it seems that everytime I race a foxbody mustang it ends up really close at the end of the race, neither me or the mustang pulling. I raced an old police intercepter mustang notch and i beat him pretty good. So tell me, are the foxbody mustangs that i raced stock or do they most likely have mods? All the foxbodies I have raced claim to be stock or close to it.

lugaidh 04-09-2010 02:07 PM

Shouldn't LT1 Camaro be alot faster than Foxbody Mustangs?
At the drag strip, it's almost unheard of for someone to show up in a stock foxbody. The ones you're racing against probably have at the minimum, a full exhaust, CAI and gears. Since the foxbodies are lighter than your Camaro, they only need maybe 260 HP or so at the crank to run equal with you. And considering the fox mustangs have arguably the biggest aftermarket of any car, it doesn't take much to turn one into an LT-1 slayer.

thornton 04-09-2010 02:27 PM

Shouldn't LT1 Camaro be alot faster than Foxbody Mustangs?
id imagine most of em have offroad hpipe.i had a relatively stock 82 2bbl huffer.tons of mods, but basically an 88 drive train minus the rear,i had the 7.5"3.55 with a lil work done there you couldnt see from the outside what had been done to it, and i assure you not tons of mods,i did have dual valve springs,portmatching,highrise 2 bbl intake,and a whole bunch of other would not have come close to that 1, in the 11's.but geez to pop the hood and see that 2 bbl ho dual snorkel was funny,a trained eye could spot the humoungous 2bbl as not stock with 1 look at the acc pump, but hey you couldnt see it.even had the stock carb id plates i did have a motto, i ran 4 high flow cats and smog pump was functional,and i didnt weigh the car down with ground effects,wings,stereo equipment etc.i was beaten once by a badazz chevelle, and lost topend to a newer heavily modded gt, but raced plenty.its the hole shot if the driver knows what hes doing.i can almost bet you the mustang jumps out in front everytime, then you pull on em and even it out.and just for the record, i had no prob racing a vette for $500 no problem racing it for best guestimation with a lil help from a virtual dyno was almost the numbers matched real world situations, so you figure out what i did and why.also the motor may or may not have been a stroker, and the 3/4 cam was masked sweetly to a real smooth idle unless it idled more than a minute, then it would load up and go kublubba kablubba kublubba kablubba

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