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Mikoh77 07-17-2013 04:05 PM

Okay. Please don't rip me a new one if this is a dumb question. I have a stock 01 GT and am thinking about superchargers. To save money, is it possible to take a supercharger from a crown Vic police interceptor and put it on my 4.6l v8? Thanks! Sorry if this is ridiculous!

Mile high JDF 07-17-2013 04:10 PM

Crown Vic's came with a supercharger? Best bet for cheap is buying a Vortech.

lowflyn 07-17-2013 04:33 PM

...those don't have a sc

MidnightBlueGT 07-17-2013 04:51 PM

Have you found one somebody supercharged?

Mikoh77 07-17-2013 04:56 PM

Haha okay my bad. I thought they were. So would the cheapest way to get one is to get a used one from another mustang?

scottydsntknow 07-17-2013 05:16 PM

No the cheapest way is to do the $1500 Vortech S trim.

Click me

Add $600 on top of that for a dyno tune so you don't blow up your motor. Also will not be nearly as effective if you don't have all the other bolt on supporting mods done OR the proper suspension/tires to get the power to the ground.

Mikoh77 07-17-2013 05:49 PM

Thanks dude, so basically it's a big project. It's not worth getting into for me. Ill stick with basic mods for now. I'll just buy a cobra next time haha

Aluv4Speed 07-23-2013 12:36 PM

good luck

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