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AFcompo 09-22-2014 09:50 AM

"Dipped" my wheels
I learned that taking the wheels off would be much more efficient. But it wasn't too bad after some prep work.

Also: I realize I painted the lugs. I noticed a few contained a bit of rust and 3 didn't match the set. More are ordered!!!!

I'm peeling the Mustang label off in the morning.

imgur: the simple image sharer

Album with a few extras.
01' GT got some new shoes - Imgur

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daninacan360 09-22-2014 11:48 AM

Looks good but be careful that no dip is between the lug and the wheel. My friend accidentally did that and no matter how tight he got his lugs they would shake off while he was driving. Honestly surprised he didn't lose a wheel at some point

AFcompo 09-22-2014 03:17 PM

I appreciate the information! I didn't focus on the lugs too much. I knew I wasn't supposed to go in there, but not really why. It makes sense though.

I plan on removing the wheel to get the inner well with some spray as well, as I have some overspray in there, and it's semi-noticeable. I will make sure to check the lug screws, not sure of official name, and clean off any unwanted debris. Grazie! :)

03:05 PM

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