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AMAlexLazarus 10-07-2014 03:19 PM

NEW 2015 Mustang Parts from JLT Performance at AmericanMuscle!

The guys over at JLT Performance stopped by with some new 2015 Mustang parts to test fit on our Black GT and we couldn't be happier with the fit and finish of their new Cold Air Intake and Oil Separator!

Founded by Jay Tucker, JLT Performance has been a key player in the aftermarket community since 2003 and have a well documented record of making one of the best Cold Air Intakes as well as being recognized by some of the largest companies in the game!

When we heard what they we're working on we knew we had to be directly involved and here's what we found!

While some of the technology from the 2011-2014 is similar JLT needed to design a new intake from the ground up to ensure it would not only be able to provide the maximum amount of air flow but to keep internal temperatures down.

Utilizing 110mm tubing with a 5" Inlet coupled with a fully Roto Molded Heat Shield, JLT's Intake comes with a fresh air duct that leads right to the grille that's purposely designed to keep inlet air temperatures as cool as possible. This kit is sure to yield some impressive gains on the 2015 Mustang paired with a Bama Performance Tune. JLT went with a 5x8" S&B Filter with a built in screen to guarantee a straightened airflow path as well. One of the coolest features in our opinion is the fact that they had this designed to be used in conjunction with an aftermarket throttle body!

It's no secret the use of a JLT Oil Separator on the Coyote motor is a must and they've proven to work wonders on the 11-2014's. If you're unfamiliar with this modification in your Mustang's engine, crankcase exhaust is recirculated back through your PCV System and Intake which results in Oil Vapors being produced. This can be not only harmful to your Mustang's overall performance but its fuel consumption as well. Comprised of Billet Aluminum with a satin anodized finish, the 2 oz tank can be easily removed to be drained during oil changes and is designed with an o-ring for a leak free seal. JLT also went above and beyond and added a Ford Motorcraft metal mesh PCV Pre-Filter to prevent any oil from getting back into your intake!

JLT's kit includes a modified factory PCV Line with the necessary fittings already attached, having personally installed one on I can attest to the ease of installation which took roughly 15 minutes! This is a MUST for not only the 2015 Mustang but any Coyote equipped Mustang!

If anyone has any questions don't hesitate to let me know!

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