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DTA72 04-02-2015 11:28 PM

Fox is burning through spark plugs
I've had the car for about 2 years and I've replaced the spark plugs probably 4-5 times. Every time I do it I pull them out and look at them and they look burnt out. the only things I have done to the car are under drive pulleys long tube headers and 8mm plug wires.

I was just driving the car recently when it just shut off and now it only cranks. It gets enough fuel and air could it be my distributor finally went up?

scottydsntknow 04-03-2015 01:04 PM

Change your entire distributor, coil and TFI module.

wbrockstar 04-05-2015 09:07 AM

A bad pip sensor inside the distributer or a bad ignition module is normally what goes out on a distributer.Autozone can test the ignition module if you remove it and carry it in.A tfi socket tool is needed to remove it.The pip sensor can be replaced,but you'll have to remove the distributer gear and pull the shaft out in order to get access to the pip sensor.Some people prefer to just replace the whole distributer instead.The link below will show you how to test the pip and tfi module.Burnt plugs could be due to a weak ignition or an over rich fuel condition.Here's that link.

DTA72 04-06-2015 01:32 PM

Changed out my distributor and two and it started right up. Thanks guys

wbrockstar 04-11-2015 05:42 AM

That's good to hear.Now you'll have more money to buy the next go fast goodie bolt-on since you're not replacing plugs every so often.Thanks for the update.Some people get their problem fixed,but never post what the fix was so it leaves people guessing

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