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Michael.s.king 07-16-2015 11:07 AM

EGR System
Can anyone tell me how to test specific parts of your EGR system?

I think some thing is messed up, but not sure if it is the valve, the sensor, or whatever.

keeney35 07-16-2015 09:17 PM

Just delete it. All it will do is throw a code, plus it cleans up the engine bay

WJL 07-17-2015 04:23 PM

There are three basic components of the EGR System , excluding the PCM and the engine coolant temperature sensor, TPS and a couple of other things

The EGR Valve itself which is vacuum controlled, the Vacuum Regulator electrically controlled and the DPFE Sensor (Differential Pressure Feedback EGR) which is also electrically controlled.

To check the EGR valve you will need a vacuum pump, you will have to remove the egr tube or the valve itself to see if the valve opens when you apply vacuum if it moves smoothly all is good.

To check the vacuum regulator "T" pin either of the two wires, it doesn't matter which wire you check it is ground side controlled by the PCM turn the key on and check for battery voltage if you have 12V you have power, if you have power check the resistance of the regulator it should have somewhere between 30 and 70 ohms if it does all is good.

The DPFE Sensor is a little different it is a three wire connector you need to find the reference voltage wire check it on the harness side with DMM on DC volts it should have 4 to 6 volts with the key on engine off.

Also check the signal voltage to the sensor, back probe the correct wires (Signal and Ground wires)and check for voltage while the engine is running first cold and again when warm when cold there should be no signal and should be 0.20 to 0.70 volts as the engine gets warm the voltage should increase to 4 to 6 volts.

This in no way is all inclusive but if you have a little experience you should be able to do these checks.

Good luck, nothing ventured nothing gained. Worst case Google

joe_117 07-17-2015 04:24 PM

If you delete it it will be fine with a tune right?

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WJL 07-17-2015 04:28 PM

yes but that's too easy, also not 49 state legal but what the Hell does that mean anyhow

Slater2111 07-17-2015 04:39 PM

I didn't buy a muscle car to "save the environment!"

Sent from the mothership.

WJL 07-17-2015 04:55 PM

Don't get me wrong i think rolling coal is COOL i hope all these hybrid save all the gas so i have more to burn, in fact since it finally has quit raining here i'm going for a Friday night ride and will be burning fuel and rubber, SEE YA

joe_117 07-17-2015 09:12 PM

So what does the EGR delete do?

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keeney35 07-17-2015 09:23 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Cleans the engine bay up doesn't really have any cons you might see an drop in mpg like .5 mpg at cruising speeds

Attachment 187402
That's what all you can remove in the delete

Here's the after pic of the engine bay
Attachment 187403Attachment 187404

keeney35 07-17-2015 09:24 PM

Also I don't have a tune so it's not hurting anything without one, but if you get a tune you can turn it off and it won't hurt your mpg

WJL 07-18-2015 06:19 PM

No check engine light?

keeney35 07-18-2015 08:58 PM

EGR System
I have a check engine light but idc cause it's on anyways from my cats being deleted. I've got a code reader so I just check it once a week to make sure it's nothing else.

We drive mustangs so do we really care about the environment and having legal exhaust? Lol

10:24 PM

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