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TheJigShow 08-24-2016 08:22 AM

Transmission Swap Between 1997 & 2003 GTs Possible??
So I'm going to be selling my manual 2003 GT, potentially/most likely to my friend. After this, I will just have my 1997 GT. Since he's older, he would prefer the auto transmission, where as I would prefer the manual transmission. My question is, would these cars be able to swap transmissions? I know a few things would need to be picked up for each to make the swaps happen (new PCMs, SpeedCal for the 97 to accept the TR3650, and more), but is this possible to do? And if so, what would I specifically need to make each trans work in the other respective cars?

Also I want to note I'm not keeping the 03 over the 97 because my 97 is my first car and I'm never going to sell that, whereas the 03 does not hold too much significant value to me, so suggesting to me to sell the 97 instead is not an option here. Thank you.

2014 Ford Focus ST (ST3, Tuxedo Black Metallic)
1997 Ford Mustang GT (Rio Red)

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