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JalopyJake89 08-17-2017 08:34 AM

Hello from Arkansas. Just bought my first Mustang, and WOW!!!
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Hey yall, from south Arkansas.

Over the years iv had some V8's; 64 El Camino, 78 Camaro Z28, Chevy truck, ect...the usual chevy guy rides:hide:(sorry to the chevy haters) Before the lil civic i had a lifted JK jeep but had nothing but problems and was commuting alot at the time, so when its trans lost 2nd and reverse, the engine started knocking, the front carrier broke, and the winch went out, i was sooo fed up with that guzzler i bought a Civic SI 6spd....and liked it:facepalm:. It was the fastest thing i had owned and handled like nothing else.
Saturday my wife sent me into town for groceries, so i of course took the back roads, and had a great time of understeer and moderate speed. I passed the tiny chevy dealer as usual and in the place of the Raptor i always check out was a gorgeous black mustang. i whipped in and parked beside it, just to check it out. Its lines were perfect, it looked mean, mad, or maybe constipated, but in a good way, as though relief was on the way.
As i opened the door the window lowered slightly, saying "please come in, its an oven in here". There wasn't the screen i was used to, no cameras on the rear views, and no back up camera, I WOULD HAVE TO SWIVEL MY HEAD!, but it was still pretty. The LUND programmer in the A/C vent, which is needed in Arkansas, was unsettling.
Once it rumbled to life i was wanting it and after the test drive i was scared, slightly soiled, and needing it:bow:. My buddy happened to call and told me the previous owner's name and number so i could ask questions, who happens to be a FORD mechanic.
On his advice i once again asked for a test drive, this time with the manager in the car. I had found out the the phone and sirius XM buttons dont work on this base model, so i told the man it was going to need repairing so he knocked the price from 22k to 21k. Then on the owners advice i accelerated quickly in 2nd and tried going straight into 3rd quickly, only to be locked out, and after seeing that the trans was "going out" he knocked it down to 18,900.
I ended up paying only 15 more per month than the civic, and insurance went down after shopping around.

I now own a beautiful14' FORD Mustang 6spd GT.:dance:
Roush CAI
Roush exhaust
LUND Racing programmer
Custom horribly painted center console
American Muscle wheels

I love this car. Its amazing.
i love the look of it, but my supervisor said i cant go look at it as much anymore, and my wife said that moving all the kid's play stuff to park it in front of the bedroom window and leaving the proch light on at night isn't going to work.

The power is incredible, and i know to most of yall its still a tame lil 5.0, but to me its the ride of a lifetime. It's the first car i havent been able to find the floor with the gas pedal....yes i'm going to be a chicken for a few months:popcorn:
The gears are clunky, and feel stout.
The interior is muscle car
The sound is incredible
The color is perfect
The Car is a dream come true.

A man drove up my driveway just to find out what sounds so nice when i was letting her idle while reading a book.
People were taking pictures at 2 diff gas stations.
I have other drivers wanting to race and wanting to ride in it
Girls want to ride in it
Im considering hood pins, cuz i know ill be wearing out this latch with all the times i have to pop the hood for people

I love it, and its so amazing that i have 2 friends at dealers trying to get mustangs.

Thank yall, cuz all the years i was buying chevy parts and keeping them on the road yall were making sure that FORD kept producing and improving this car so that i could have the time of my life.:dance:

JalopyJake89 08-17-2017 09:52 AM

I hope yall don't think less of us for her already having mods, but i couldn't pass it up. I like to mod my own vehicles, and plan to customize this one.

I would like to lower her, headers, sway bar upgrades, and i'll find more along the way, but she is perfect and i am glad she has everything to this point, cuz for what has been done, i wouldn't change a thing.

JalopyJake89 08-17-2017 09:54 AM

I also need to spend alot of time on the finish. Looks like this weekend will be clay bars and application pads. She is too good to have this finish

Guard 5.0 08-17-2017 09:57 AM

Congrats on the great find, and welcome to the right side of vehicle ownership (Ford!) and to a great MEVO site!
She is a beauty! Two:thumb::thumb:

jkeaton 08-17-2017 10:16 AM


Strange Mud 08-17-2017 10:23 AM


to modify the transmission lockout....I suggest a few things in order:

learn the tight L/R gear planes (ie the 1/2 and 3/4) are very close to each other. MGW is the shifter update of choice and with mine I pull the shifter down and to the left for 1 to 2 AND use the centering spring to find 3/4 you don't need to guide it left or right for 3/4 use the spring. When going from 6 to 5th (exit ramp) make sure to go fwd and to the right or you'll do the 6th to 3rd shift which IS entertaining.



JalopyJake89 08-17-2017 10:25 AM


It smells rich on idle and after driving when i get out. Would that be the boss intake manifold and cams, or the tune?

After speaking with LUND Racing, it looks like ill need to do a mechanical tune up, then have it tuned.

Sbales88 08-17-2017 11:20 AM

Nice ride man! Entertaining first post as well lol. I live right on the Missouri/arkansas state line, haven't seen many people from arkansas on here.

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Strange Mud 08-17-2017 11:49 AM

rich smell may warrant tune or check of tune. Does it still have cats? Poor tunes can kill an engine you may want to consider spending a several hundred dollars to see what's on it and how it really is running. I'm no expert on tunes but the Boss mani requires one...did you get a tuner with it/did they flash it back to stock/is the check engine light on?

And clutch to floor every shift...these cars do not like lazy shifting. It ain't a Honda.

JalopyJake89 08-17-2017 01:02 PM

I know what u mean, in arkansas we r lucky to have service, much less internet knowledge, haha. Your about 4 hrs north of me. Branson is the vacation dream for these old folks around here.

It has a LUND tuner in the dash, and iv been speaking with the staff throughout the week. They have a great staff and i would recommend LUND to anyone, just for the service.

After speaking with them it seems like she needs a mechanical tune up on my end and a firmware update. im working on that now.

That seems to be the consensus, the shifting is my error. I'll likely update the original post, and i'll have to take blame for this one.

Ill get her figured out. For now I need to convince my wife that a $250 dollar tune is a good move.....sigh

ab_mach1 08-23-2017 11:08 AM

Welcome! Looks clean!

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