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OMEGA7STARR 02-23-2004 10:36 PM

how much is too much?
i found a 1972 grande mustang with the mach1 dash and cluster with the orginal motor and tranny the guy wants 3,500 big ones. is tis a deal? the car looks and sounds good but all i want is the body!

tire 02-23-2004 11:36 PM

i am almost positive it is a great deal.. i have a picture o fa grande i'm looking at right now... it's a california edition or what was it? rebuild the original motor and tranny and you got yourself a VERY NICE car. you will kill the value if you ditch the motor! i have helped a little restoring a '67 auto vert with original 289 and tranny and it goes for about 18-20k now that it's restored. it wouldn't be worth but 10-14k without it! pictures pictures pictures! i am jealous man.

in case y'all don't know the grande was just a special edition that had some perks and didn't make that many of.

OMEGA7STARR 02-24-2004 12:15 AM

if i do decide to get the car where can i buy resto parts from?

Zim 02-24-2004 12:58 AM

they made 18,045 of em :)

KrazyPony 02-24-2004 10:00 AM

5.0 Resto/CJ Pony Parts/Etc.... might be of assistance...

tire 02-24-2004 02:40 PM

what motor is it? any engine was available, but if it was a 428 cj-r i would kill for it! also, is the interior good? i read up on them and the interior was a lot of what made the car different.

Seph 02-24-2004 05:13 PM

my nephew has a 1967 California Special. It's purdy :)

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