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Dom 06-27-2004 09:05 PM

Tire size for 18s.
What would be a good tire size for 18x9s? Without a lot of rubbing.

01mineralgrey6 06-27-2004 10:22 PM

I know that Saleen runs a 265/35/18:)

tire 07-08-2004 09:07 AM


Originally Posted by 01mineralgrey6
I know that Saleen runs a 265/35/18:)

if they do, that's not the right size.
275/40/18 is ideal... that'll put you to a 26.6" diameter.

edit - the fronts may rub. with some work it won't though. i've never seen anyone with a sn95 not be able to fix a rubbing problem if they actually try to fix it be it the sway bar needs lowering via shorter endlinks or taking a hammer to the wheel well lining.


thirstymate 07-14-2004 01:09 PM

i got 275/40's on 18-9's and i just threw on 7/32" spacers up front and the rubbing is almost completely gone you can turn it just a few degrees short of all the way. the backs fine its just the damn sway bars.

08:46 AM

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